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Google Earth Update around area 51?

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 03:03 AM
So... from the topic about the irrigation circles that are near area 51, i started following the roads and found some wierd "cities" or sites. But then read the trademark and it said 2006.

(I started looking from here, and followed the roads),-115.785084&spn=0.187048,0.43396

So it seems liek google maps have gotten updated around area 51, and some wierd new facilities and sites, with other runways on lakebeds.

Its new to me these places..
(has some runways and buildings, and roads going places, and near area 51),-116.039486&spn=0.047197,0.10849

(This place has a lot of craters around it, and some wierd buildings in the centre, looks ike a ghost town),-116.028671&spn=0.047132,0.10849

(Gate Entrance to somewhere near area 51),-116.002069&spn=0.002961,0.006781

is this new to you expert area 51 observers? if not sorry.

I havent seen these areas before, and i would always browse around.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 10:53 AM
Your first image in the town of Rachel alond Nevada Highway 375 and the Penoyer Farms alfalfa fields. Move south to view some outdated pictures of "Area 51" (before the new central taxiway was completed).

The second image is the Nevada Test Site command Post (CP-1) and Yucca Dry Lake airfield.

The third image is the Yucca Flat test area with subsidence craters from underground nuclear tests.

The fourth image is the main gate for the Nevada Test Site, between Camp Desert Rock and Mercury.

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