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This is just getting too weird

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 12:04 AM

At roughly the same time on August 6th; I went outside again. After about 20 minutes of seemingly nothing; I noticed that an apparent plane I had watched move from about 75 degrees above the eastern horizon to about 25 degrees (moving due east) was still in my field of view. At this point it stopped and hovered in the same position for the better part of a minute. Then I watched it dip erratically behind the trees; and then shoot back up above the branches into my field of sight. In terms of light; it was quite bright; changing from white to red and sometimes blue. I watched this for about 15 minutes before going inside to get my sister; who was skeptical until we both watched it yet again disappear behind the trees & come back out from behind them 30 seconds later.

After 45 minutes of watching in amazement; the object was still hanging out in the same area (never moving from a radius no bigger than the sun's). Just hovering; moving in circles now and then. Binoculars were almost no help; meaning this object had to be at an appreciable distance. After nearly an hour and a half we called it a night with the object STILL in the sky.

Well, after a week or so of seeing nothing out of the ordinary; this mysterious object has returned. I have seen it 3 times since. I noticed it in the same general area of the eastern horizon last Thursday night; just before midnight. Did not get a real good look at it due to cloudcover.

Last night, it appeared again - but this time above the WESTERN horizon; slightly north of due west. Did not get a real good look at it once again due to cloud cover; but just seemed to stay put at about 25 degrees above the horizon.

Tonight; it appeared yet again at midnight in the western horizon at roughly 35 degrees above the horizon. With clear skies & binoculars I was able to get several good looks as the object meandered just above the tree branches. The object just appeared to hover; with strobing lights flashing from white to red to green (I mistook this for blue the first time I saw it). Once again; I watched it dart up, down, left, right in an unpredictable fashion. I occasionally lost it behind the tree branches; and at times it appeared to fade out.

I'm still having a hard time determining this object's altitude. Although it appears to me to be within Earth's atmosphere; albeit very high up. I've watched the stars & planets plenty of times and this is nothing I've ever seen. Last I checked the movement of heavenly objects is predictable based on gravitational & electormagnetic forces. There has been nothing predictable about the movement of this object.

At about 12:20, I noticed another white light at the same height above the horizon (25 degrees or so) as the original object; but a small distance to the south. The original object jerked toward this 2nd craft at a high rate of speed; and appeared to nearly collide before passing right in front of it. This 2nd craft disappeared from view after this near collision.

I continued watching the original object until 12:30 when it dipped below the trees and out of my view.

Also of note was a seemingly strange amount of other aircraft in the sky throughout. At 12:28 AM I watched what appeared to be some type of military craft streak silently overhead from west to east across the sky.

I don't really know what to make of all this. Is NOBODY else seeing this anywhere? BTW I'm in Tompkins County, NY.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 03:12 AM
could you take some pictures?

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 03:30 AM
Yeah, photos man, photos!!

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 04:38 AM
gotten my frikken video camera out and taken some video of the "thing". Hell YEAH. Screw the binocs!!

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 06:35 AM
This certainly sounds interesting.

If there was something out there it would explain the millitary aircraft as they would most certainly have registered it on satelite tracking and scrambled imidiately.

Anything in the local newspaper or local web sites?

If this is frequent then you must get some footage!!

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 07:18 AM
Sounds intresting, I want some pictures though!
Reminds me of something i saw not so long ago.
A black smoke-like contrail with a millitary jet following along the line of the smoke. This was during the day ofc. They deffinatly use millitary jets to recon alien craft, which shows they know little about them or that they arn't afraid of whatever it is, or that they don't give a crap about of the three.

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