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The generations Life and Knowledge

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 12:03 AM
Its not enough that we all know life is hard. As we see time fly by and the good times roll, we all find it easiest to let go of the heaviest burdens knowing that there will never be no worth from them. We find our self’s reaping the benefits of what our past generations have made and have WORKED so hard for.

We all cant deny we see the hard the times and we know if were not in it, were not even going to take to it. We know that though tough times don’t last tough people do. Still hope is lost to time with burdens upon our shoulders. Its on our shoulders our hearts, we have to say what is truly the most weakest piece in our generation.

As reaping the knowledge the world today has produced the strongest minds ever; and ever so quickly as long as our minds are stronger than our hearts the wrong decisions could be made on that short notice of time. Its now for every one from young to old find themselves. To take longer for there heart to make the decision even though they know what they want there heart knows truly what they need or what they cant live without. It takes those long times to let what our mind has set, to slip away and eventually show what our heart has been needing covered from our eyes ever so quickly to our wants and desires.

If we take the hardships we have gone through we know our minds put the most worth on what we think is gold and were told. Its only that our hearts find the true worth through time and hardships with someone or something. As many things in this day our life is just given to us. We cant find worth in many things of the world, we find that hard people are not worth it to deal with and hard work never really pays off. We find that asking will get us almost anything we desire with our minds in charge.
So I ask why is this like this? Is it that we cant let our hearts speak about what it desires and it knows we need.
Why is it that we find our hearts so weak that it cant deal with the hard and only accepts the easy?
Its cause that’s what the fake world and generation has pulled over our hearts from being seen we see the world with our minds now not our hearts. We see the masks on people and the hardships they bring. We see only the outside only what the package brings; and now ever so quickly our hearts are becoming blind to us alone. The fake world as a whole.

Our hearts have now for many lost control of people and there minds; the heart loses every battle with an angry mind and only wins with time. But I find it that, what about the people as me that see the truth and experience the hardships and lose there worth in this world and there treasures they knew from working for it would pay off?
-I say cause this world has no fill, it has no treasures for the heart, it has nothing ever worth to work for unless you want to please the mind, and eventually destroy man kind.

But in it all, the generations that pass go and are here now, always will leave and bring new change to life, and I will accept it all. I wil always feel the truth, I speak what I know, I feel and hope that it is so much not wrong, but subjective maybe, for sure I am true in my ways.


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