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Does the Dunkirk Spirit help the NWO?

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posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 02:11 PM
I had to chuckle just now whilst watching Sky News at Heathrow airport, they were talking to passengers about the delays and what they could and could not take on the planes with them.

After many comments from the passengers about the "Dunkirk spirit" and how they "just get on with it" in Britain, one guy said something that made me laugh as it would have been music to the ears of anyone trying to control the world. He was smiling and seemed to be getting used to only having a few items in his clear plastic bag, joking that "This is my life in here lol". Then he said....."It's amazing how much you can do without when you are made to!"

I'm sure it was an innocent comment half said in jest, but if you look at the more serious implications of a statement like that, it does make you wonder whether the British stiff upper lip does us any favours sometimes?

I'm not talking about coping with terrible events, in those situations the stiff upper lip and the Dunkirk spirit is invaluable and has served us well on many occasions. I mean when our rights are removed from us, liberties taken away and control is slowly introduced by the goverment into our lives.
Like this guy today, we get used to it. We have done for years and will continue to do so. Yet when thats the fault of our goverments or even as some would say, the NWO, should we be thinking "No i'm NOT going to just cope and get used to it!"?
I know most people in the conspiracy world think this way anyway, but the rest of the general public seem to be happy to just battle through life showing people that they can cope as they have always done.

Can you imagine the NWO meetings, they must be so easy at times, "Ah lets just do this, do that....they'll all get used to it in the end anyway......and they'll keep a stiff upper lip whilst they do it!!!"

It makes me wonder how far the goverments will go. It makes me also wonder how we will put up with. Even people on sites like this who you'd think would be the first to rebel, we talk about it for hours on a daily basis, but rarely do anything about it do we? We just get on with it and learn to cope.

People ask what can we do, and i know it's the subject of many threads here, and i'm afraid i don't know. Even if we were told what to do, would we even do it then? People cry ourage at the prospect of ID's and implanted chips, but it will happen won't it? Will we finally do something about it then? I doubt it.

But we'll cope well with a stiff upper lip whilst they are doing it!


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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 05:55 PM
There isn't anything you can do to stop the removal of civil liberties when the majority of the population is quite happy to give them away and accept bondage and servitude. Giving up civil liberties for "safety" is a price they are happy to pay, and we will get dragged down with them.

posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 04:02 PM
'Dunkirk spirit' does help prospective 'New World Order' type groups. Good thing too. What basis is there for the assumption that global government would be an evil thing?

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posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 12:00 PM
Well you have to think in context.. there really isn't any danger from not being allowed a laptop, ipod or gameboy in the cabin of a plane. Infact in the end it might be a good thing, buy the kids a book at a shop past the security checks (books arent expensive!) and make them read something good for them

I'm sure the "Dunkirk" spirit would end if they started attempting to control more of our daily lives.

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