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The I didn't mean to say that thread

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posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 12:47 AM
Ok so this is the way you play. You say anything and end it with I didn't mean to say that.

I am an alien from Uranus. I didn't mean to say that.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 12:56 AM
This thread is another in a long line of meaningless....

Oh, I'm sorry. I did'nt mean to say that.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 01:15 AM
I know the secrets of life they are..............

I didn't mean to say that.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 01:39 AM
If you started this thread just to garner some replies, that's very sad. :shk:

oops........ I didn't mean to say that.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 01:09 PM
I have a doozie, may be the worst thing anybody has ever said to anybody, really:

About 8 years ago I worked with this guy (we both still work for the same company) and I was at his desk for some reason. We were both in our mid 20’s (this is important). Anyways, he had a picture on his desk of what appeared to me as a middle + aged woman, easily old enough to be somebody of our age’s mom.

I say “Is that you mother?”
He says “…huh…..”
Then he said “That’s my wife”

It wasn’t a joke.

I was stunned, I didn’t know what to say, it was clearly the most awkward thing that could possibly have happened. I want to be clear about something: This woman was not old at all, but she was so unpleasant looking she appeared to be of a much older age.

I basically changed the subject FAST and got the heck out of there. I don’t know that I ever spoke to him in the same way again; it’s just a small “hi” in the hallway now.

Man that was embarrassing.

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