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Dark side of the moon (not Floyd)

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posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 07:28 PM
I don't know if this idea has been discussed before, but it was just something that came to me earlier.
NASA went to the Moon (possibly, I'm not sure tbh) and then nothing. Zilch nada nowt sod all. A few orbiting missions and unmanned probes, but no return to the moon. Or was there?
There is always the chance that life on our planet could be threatened by a large meteor or comet collision. An extinction level event could happen with little warning. Now is it not within the realm of possibility that the very powerful, super rich people and organizations of Earth could have been engaged in private sector lunar expeditions? Top secret missions to establish a safe haven on the moon for them and their progeny? I'm not talking the guy who wins the big lotto jackpot, I'm talking Bill Gates, the British Royal family, the Sultan of Brunei, the Vatican, mostly what you would call "Old Money" and a few of the more wealthy plebs. In the event of impending cataclysm, this select few would assemble their people and off they would go, leaving the rest of us to die. They would see it as a great honour to continue the human race until the Earth is habitable again. And it would eradicate the lower classes too.
Am I talking crap? Possibly. But as I say, you could wake up tomorrow, turn on the TV and the top story on the news could be the approach of comet earthsmash. What good is all that money if you're not going to be around to spend it because you are pushing up daisies. If you had the money of Gates and could afford to do it, wouldnt you at least look at the possibilty?
Thanks if you got this far, and apologies if this idea has been thought of before.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 02:03 AM
It's entirely possible, I would suppose. No doubt something along those lines has crossed the minds of every mega-ultra-rich person since mega-ultra-rich people came about.

Perhaps not always relating to comet strikes, but Im sure they at least think about the possibility of something bad happening. I mean, do you think Bill Gates doesn't have a private bunker in case of nuclear war?

It would be great to prove that there is something on the far side, wouldn't it?

Pity it's just about impossible.

Pooled together, they actually (probably) would have the money and know-how and contacts to build their own moon missions. It would then just be a matter of keeping leaks quiet, something that is darn near impossible.
Just about the single thing that leads me to say "nah" to this is that I have not heard anything about it before. Not even a quote of a deranged scientist from some gothics' blog. Not that Ive been looking.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 11:18 AM
hmm ok well......

I dont know because only a few months ago I wasnt on ATS and believed that the moon was really close to earth and now that I have seen how far it really is and what problems we face going to the moon I dont think bases to sustain life for a long period of time coul be achieved you would need to take a lot of food and a lot of water (a lot) to survive years and years after the earth is hit and thats only if the moon is not affected by the comet hitting the earth.

If the comet that hit the earth was powerfull enough to end all life on it then I think the Moon would be affected in one way or another plus I think I heard before if that happened it would take many years (hundreds of thousands) for the earth to be habitable again, NO? so I really dont think thats possible but hey what do I know?

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 11:27 AM
I tend to think the post nuke-comet bunkers for the ultra-rich are actually under the Earth. Do a little bit of research and you'll actually find out that there is an IMMENSE network of underground facilties already set-up.

and sotp, if you haven't heard of the Alternative 3 scenario, Google or Wiki it. It's exactly along these lines.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 12:33 PM
That would be more feasible because it would be easier and cheaper to get supplies to it since you dont have to pay millions to get a rocket ship in the air and on its way to the moon. plus you can stock pile over the years and you need to remember your food does have a shelf life
you can also run a water line much easier and only worry about filtering it.

What I usually think about when I think of this is lets say you do get rich and you do build a bunker and stock it with food then a nuclear missle hits

1. will you know when its going to hit? there is not going to be any warning you think the government is going to announce it? NO they will after it happens but they will give us no warning why? because their people will be scrambling themselves to get somewhere safe

2. lets say you survive the first blast or it was not even in your area but you head in your bunker to prepare for the fallout ok what then you stay there in your bunker for a few months then you get sick? you didnt bring a doctor with you did you? what do you do then

3. you survive years and years but when you come out everthing is destroyed there is no survivors (or none for miles and miles away) what then? your food and supplies have almost all been depleted so you roam the country looking for people?

I dont know dude I dont think I'd want to survive it infact I think I would prefer to be right at ground zero and not feel a thing
well thats what I say now

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