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divided they conquer, united we stand!

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posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:00 AM
I think this is the best place to post this, cause here the most discussions are helt between people from religions and societys and stuff and people who think they ar evil.

Nobody seems to listen in some post to what i have to sya, so i'll try it this way.

Let me first post a little of a sing from a perfect circle called:

Stay with me
Safe and ignorant
Just stay with me
Hold you and protect you from the other ones
The evil ones
Don't love you son,
Go back to sleep

this is a classic case of divide and conquer, witch they protray in there sing is used by the NWO, look at the entire text, you can clearly see that they are singing from their perspecive.

Now people on this forum are arguing if masons or katholics or muslims or whatever are evil.
doesn't anybody notice what's going on here?
If you are a secret cult or society planing to take over the world, if that is the case, and you are with a few numbers.
How would you do it?
Not by army, not every single person in one group, country, religion etc. are in on it.
no, no, what you do is DIVIDE AND CONQUER!
What you do is paint a picture of: muslims are evil terrorist!!!
Or: masons try to take over the world!!
And as we are battling about pointless subjects, the real perpetrators of evil are getting away scott free.
Even worse, they divide us, they actually make us battle eachother because we think the other ones are evil.

Here in Holland for exemple, there are lots of people who actually hate muslims, because they sometimes do crime, witch some people forget the "white" people also do.
Nobody notices that they are all people, all of them, some evil, some good, some forced to do evil by others, you cannot but them in boxes.

People always put other people in boxes, boxes of religion, boxes of societys, cults, political partys, countrys, even the programs you watch.
This is wrong, this is a tool used by the lets call them illuminati to actually divide us so we are so bent on distroying eeachother they can say: well let's now put an end to this, and they will controll the world with the nwo.
I am not actually saying we now need to form some kind of alliance, cause then they could still be able to controll us somehow.
I am saying to always remember that we are all people, arguing some group is evil is pointless, that's the same as saying a entire school is evil cause there are 5 bullys or something like that.
It happens all over the place, blacks are evil cause they do crime, jews are evil cause they now attack libanon(are the death israeli evil?? are the ignorent children who sign bombs evil?? are the people there who actually protest there own government evil???), americans are evil cause they went to iraq for oil(are all americans evil?, even the ones that think this way and protested the war? also the ones who did not go to iraq and are now imprissoned? soldiers i mean??) are masons evil cause they belong to that society?? what did they ever do? that like saying the new york nicks are evil, or whatever.

The best one yet: muslims are evil, how about the muslism who bush saved from sadam?? those where not bad people, he said so himself!, so why are muslims evil?!

Let's now take the patriot act, i think it was there that was said that all americans are terrorists or something like that??
so basicly, the government, thinks ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL americans now are terrorist, THEY look upon us as ENEMYS!!!
So why do we look upon eachother the same way?
It's them versus us and us versus eachother, seen in black and white.

Let's say there is gonna be a new world order, this will be done with the divide and conquer strategie, only they will not divide us and kill us off one by one, they will divide us and then create a sollution, one world government, that would be good, if it where not for the fact they used war and death to get this, so whatever they have plant cant

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:15 AM
used war and death to get this, so whatever they have plant cant be good now can it?

there are a lot of people who tink they can know what will happen, but the fact is we don't know jack.
So i am not saying that what i think is actually going to happen, who knows, maybe there are aliens at work, or god, or evil, or leprechauns, or dragons or whatever, i don't know.
People say they know that masons are evil, they don't, they don't know whats goign on there, they thinking INSIDE THE BOX, and actually have the nerve to say other people do it.
People who are in masonry and think they know nothing is going on, THEY DON'T KNOW ANYTHING EITHER.
Any Amercans here know what there government is truly up to? anybody really 100000% know what is going on there??
anybody in europe know whats goign on here? we are even worse off then you, America is constantly reminded of stuff cause of what happens, in europe all goes quite and probably at the last moment something goes catastrofically wrong and people here find out we are also screwed, that's what i think at least.
but my point is, isn't this true of masons or katholics, even cults who worship the devil, they don't know anyhting of what the others do.

I really don't understand how people can lable on party better then others, or one party as evil.
Most of you think the same way i do, or at least little the same way, that a couple of major players are in masonry that do evil and the rest are just good people.
But they tent to forget that top players like that probably have there hands in every single thing you can think of, if they are really that powerfull.

So the conclusion is this: wheter you are a jew, mason, christian, muslim, black, white, yellow, chinese, american, dutch, german, european, african, buddhist, pagan, pore, rich, skater, 'n-word', dokter, garbageman, republican, democrat, left, right, or whatever youc an think of, it does not matter.
Cause in the end, when it trully matters, when the fate of the world litterly lies in the hands of the few remaining free people, does it really matter what your beliefs are, or where your from?
In the end...aren't we all just brothers in arms??

[edit on 9-8-2006 by Patronas]

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:21 AM
amen to that. Good post

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