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Rumsfeld: $2.3 TRILLION unaccounted for in Defense budgets

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posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 10:10 PM
No, it's not 'new' news.

It's old news.

It was announced on September 10, 2001.

This may be just another coincidence.

Or not.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 05:39 PM
Another coincidence? Not.

The list of allowable "coincidences" on 9/11 has been exceeded by far. Once that thrershold is crossed, there are no more coincidences. There are links and ties instead.

Im surprised other 9/11 offical story skeptics havent jumped on this. Even if it is a rehash of old news, it hasnt been posted on ATS in a very long time.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 05:56 PM
fits right in there with pnac

this is probably why they let 9/11 happen

""Cuts in foreign affairs and defense spending, inattention to the tools of statecraft, and inconstant leadership are making it increasingly difficult to sustain American influence around the world""


"we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global
responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future;"'

bush sr., builds up the budget, so his son, can piss it all away....'

list of people bush has pardoned

list of skull and bones members

now, what would happen if we would BOYCOTT all of theese peoples' businesses??
probably another 9/11

this is all amazing to find out about all theese things have in common

thats the way it is

the people in power

want an EXCUSE to go in and WIPE THEM OUT ( their solution )

but the international community wants peace

so the power people devise a plan.......

WHAT WILL MAKE THE PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE??????? ( expected reaction )

lets kidnap someone and blame it on THEM... ( create a problem )


lets ALLOW THE TERRORISTS to ATTACK AMERICA ( create a problem )


the americans will want to go to WAR ( expected reaction )

so we can go in and wipe them out and take their oil
(their previously planned solution )

wake up people!!!!!!!!!

they ALREADY HAD THE SOLUTION.........war, its good for the economy right??
they CREATED THE allowing 911 to happen
they just had to wait for OUR REACTION !!!!!!!!

thats the way this great country works

kindof like EXTORTION/ bribery

give schools federal funding,,,,,,,then

as soon as the schools get used to that money....

start making demands........

if they DO NOT COMPLY..... stop the flow of money........
and watch them SQUIRM AND SUFFER

WORKS GREAT !!!!! used all around the WORLD.....
just about every country that recieves AMERICAN AID

what a great country!!!!

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 06:03 PM

on those links i posted above,,

look at the list of bones' members,

then do a search for them,,

there are SUPREME COURT JUDGES, mostly millionaires, and other scum,,

their hands are into everything,

they can plan and control and make many investors completely broke....

they've changed the laws over the last 100 or so years to benefit them solely

they plan to control the entire world and make SLAVES of us all

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