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Magic and Magic Tricks

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posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 04:10 PM
I always watch Cris Angel or David Blane if on TV. Some tricks have baffaled me.
I would like to start a thread of debunking/explaning the tricks.

Here is a list of tricks:

Putting self or arms through glass (a paper has been used by C.A. and D.B.)
Levitation by both C.A. and D.B.
Resurection of Fly or Bird
Putting Arm through person (C.A. eps. 8 or 9)
Having 4 small school children lift a car (most recent episode.)

Glass Trick????? (watch the below video til you see the salt shaker trick)

Those are some off teh top of my head I have been amazed by. I know how to do one. If you guys and girls can add your answers if you know how these or others are done please add.

Ok the fly. If your freeze a fly it will go dormit. If you have ever got a fly in yoru fridge you already know how they slow down. If you freeze it, it is than very dormit. When you put the fly in hand it warms it to come back and fly away. Various cold storage can be used to hold it in yoru pocket and sleight of hand is used to act as if you pick it up or you just drop it on the floor.

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posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 04:18 PM
the one where criss angel "stepped through glass"

you could see the guy that was a "witness" in the back in the store with him holding up the piece of glass while criss was trying to come out, and then he looks at the camera and jumps back and pretended to be amazed.

and if they would of want to make it more credible, they would of had a 2nd camera in the room with him and tape him as he goes through the glass.

instead of multiple angles outside.


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