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McCain-Lieberman '08

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posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 02:43 PM
I believe that the first step in forming a successful third political party would be the amalgamation of both Republicans and Democrats who are not so stubborn that they refuse to see the benifits of suggestions from the other side of the aisle. Since I am fairly certain that I will never see a Libertarian frontrunner, especially a Libertarian with a tough foreign policy, I propose taking the two people who irritate their own parties the most and putting them on the Presidential ticket for '08.

Senators McCain and Lieberman.

As far as I'm concerned, McCain should have been the frontrunner in '00. Things might have been very different today, had he been President. Anyway, both are making waves in their own parties, which as far as I'm concerned, both Democrats and Republicans are derailing the govt. I think that there would be enough of us in the middle to outnumber the far left and far right, and this candidacy could go through. I think we could have candidates that advocate a strong defense and progressive social policy.

If there are any aides to McCain or Lieberman reading PTS, plant the bug in their ear. I really think this can work. Blow the lid off of political convention (no pun intended)!

McCain-Lieberman '08

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 02:59 PM
I'm a Republican and I say screw Lieberman and McCain. They have both sold their souls to the war party. Lieberman's about to be beaten by a relative new comer in the upcoming state primaries (good riddance) and McCain is busy kissing up to the right-wing religious fanatics. They both lost all credibility for me.

In my opinion, the best centrist candidate would actually be Al Gore in '08. I say this having voted against him in 2000. I was so uninformed at that time it makes me sick. I just hated Clinton so much that I would've voted for a chimp instead.. oh wait a minute...

Contrary to what a lot of folks on the right believe, Al Gore would be all about a strong national defense. And I do admire the fact that he volunteered and served in Vietnam as an enlisted soldier (no less). Why he joined is irrelevant to me - as I know there are those who like to say he did it for political reasons (for his father). Far too many in today's GOP absolutely would not have even considered volunteering for duty in the 'Nam. So I give Gore props for having the guts.

I've been listening to him since "losing" the election and 2000 and have been greatly impressed by his outlook on a great many issues. Especially foreign policy. He's an old school, centrist realist. And right now it is not just the USA who desperately needs that kind of principled, reasonable leadership, the whole world is desperate for it.

On the personal side of it, I admire his integrity and the fact that he's been with his wife now forever. He seems very solid in that respect. That's important to me.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 03:07 PM
I appreciate your point of view, but Gore has been in bed with the Chinese to often. While Gore is a smart guy, I feel he is more robot than human.

Besides, I want this candidacy to send a message to other politicians. We are no longer content with the status quo. Besides, if you can get a Republican and Democrat in the White House together, there is a good chance that nothing will get done. How great would it be for 4 years that no govt policy was enacted?

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 05:49 PM
Hey ECK, long time no see!

I agree with you that Gore would be the best centrist candidate in '08. My logic is as follows:

1) It seems to me the American nation is still pretty neatly divided between left and right, with the right (the Republican Party) being more organized, better at fundraising and at get-out-the-vote efforts.

2) However, with Bush's unpopularity, a looming civil war in Iraq and the fact that in 2007-2008 Bush will be, like any other president, a bit of a lame duck (especially since his VP isn't running for prez), there will be more people in red states willing to vote for a centrist candidate (but not for a candidate from the left - the moral issues are still too hot)

3) If the war in Iraq keeps on going not-so-well, Bush in 2008 will be a bit in the same position as LBJ in 1968, while Al Gore will be in the same position as Richard Nixon at the same date: the former vice-president who almost got elected president eight years ago, back and asking whether people are tired of all the fighting, the division and the bickering. In something akin to Richard Nixon's "silent majority" concept, Gore might appeal to all those who are truly interested in making America work instead of accusing one another (of course, that would automatically exclude Anne Coulter and the Ragin' Cajun)

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