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Poetics of life

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 10:38 PM
Unwritten stories
I just keep finding myself in a mysteriuos story i have no idea of an end too, like the neverending story, i love that movie, we all write our own stories and that is how it goes, except its funny how others help me write it, and still i have to acccept that it is what it is...... but ya know at the end of the day i still have the last sentence on the page, and that is what keeps me going... it all ends happy with me, and now, my love stories are all over, and ended for me, but i guess i leave the last sentence saying, you never know what tom. might bring just always ending it on a good note, thats the way....

but still well, loss stinks i hate it, ya know i really love to love, thats hard for me to lose that, i have to trust God ya know...

Love comes in so many different boxes, and God teaches us love the best, through people alot ya know.... and still we all will never stop loving love it self, it entagles our everymove our every dream and speech, love is incredible and its so real, losing it is what stinks, but knowing you will gain from it tells a whole new chapter in life.

So can we all really belive in that fairy tale, that dream we all have in our minds, ya know the perfect love story. Is it always the way we see it or want can it will it ever happen? Fairy tales i wish so much were not just fairy tales, but real and always real, never depending on anything, our soul desire met and so much more. When will take upon the truth of the moment and never forget that future will always be good. When we get broken hearts to torn apart lifes, when we find ourselves falling for that one true life that will never forget the past it has made. I want so much that true life that true passion of love and reality, the place we want to find that we never want to leave.

So many times we make mistakes but would it not be perfect if a mistake brought out something good something that would change my life forever. When chasing after I find myself so lost in it, I cant find myself in it, I always make the wrong choices..... its just I want oneday to make the right choices the right meaningful chance, the right jump after what I see and what I want, everytime I have I always fall hard, I guess Iam not as strong on the inside as the out, but even then, we all chase something we all want something worth our wait worth our pain worth our passion and our life......

Love is that, but its finding it in the right places, how many times I thought I had it and you know your wrong. Maybe then love should not be chased but given or even found, when you least expect it, under your nose, it was there the whle time and you never saw, maybe just now all I need to do is stop and look around that love could be there and me nor anyoen would know.

This true reality haunts me cause then I feel with all my chasing I just ran over the true love that is really there and I will never have a chance again. Life is all about taking chances, but then Love maybe is not that at all, maybe its all about letting the chance take you, the moment and just waiting and looking but not chasing, not wasting your life on something you dont even know yet or want or maybe even need........

See what is life worth the life to be lived, so many of us try and run away from lives we hate or the lives we are scared to face up to. We all change our selves to fit in with the life at hand, running and chasing is all we find ourselves doing, what is it that we can go further than we believe and never catch the life we ever wanted. Its always a wonder that there are just a few about us that understand life and how short it is. That life is only a mere meaning of existence and it could end at any time, so enjoying it just becomes better and better. Yea I knew him, he was a great kid, man I have not seen him in so long, we alwasy used to run about doing random things or just playing games, man it was so long ago, all those good times..... till you find out now he dies from a brain tumor, it kills to feel death without dying, knowing it has happened to someone, the closer the harder and deeper, charishing what we have now is all that we have. Knowing the truth is always and we forever set anyone free.

posted on Aug, 4 2006 @ 08:28 AM

"Birds make great sky circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? They fall, and falling they're given wings." ~ Coleman Barks


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