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Talking to the dead

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 02:46 PM
Has anyone on here attempted to talk to the dead?
If so what have your results been? Did you direct it to a person?
Did you ask a specififc question?

Were you in a meditative state or other induced state?

Has it become easier over time to do this?

My expereince I am always chasing wisdom and deeper understanding of self. I guess an attempt to apply my conciousness to a greater good or bigger picture. Maybe just an evolution of understanding so to speak. The first time I did this it took hours. I knew the concept on how to do this and what state I would have to be in. After hours of proding I did get a single message which I searched for the meaning. My last time I did this was very easy and it each time was like an audio voice heard within. The last times were easy and very quick. My last message was "they are pointing at eleven degrees" I was not sure what this means to this day but my thoughts were based around possible future problems in this world. Anyway would love to hear experiences. I will give youa n up to date on the 11 degree thing if I figure it out. I did get a sense of 11 degrees being a refference of something happening in war. Like maybe a way a missle is shot or a bomb is launched or just an area of a place being targeted. I am not familar with the way those things work so I am really unsure.

I was just searching 11 degrees and I found this to be very interesting;

11 Degrees of Leo

Dates - July 23-August 22 (NOTE 9th of AV))))
Element - Fire
Quality - Fixed
Sequence - Fifth of Twelve
Personality - Regal
Opposite - Aquarius
Challenge - Taurus, Scorpio
Affinity - Aries, Sagittarius
Opportunity - Gemini, Libra
Lessons - Capricorn
Ruling Planet - Sun

Keynote: The spreading power of individual crises through a collectivity

MOON ENTERS Aquarius 8/8

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