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We must wake up to Truth about Mid East wars

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 06:36 PM
We must wake up. The massacres going on in the Mid East are happening because we the people let it happen. We let it go on by supporting the policies of these evil leaders. Israeli PM Olmert, Bush, Blair and other such scum....are ENEMIES of humanity! ENEMIES of the species! ENEMIES of you and me; SWORN ENEMIES of goodness!! They all serve the globalists!

I know ATS is NSA monitored, so listen closely all of you fools in the government who support this war; and all of you who support this war....ITS TIME TO WAKE UP. Its time to grow up, the Elite have tried to instill this endless childhood into us, not the cute bratty 10 year old, but an endless immaturity. The time comes when you gotta grow up, and face the realities.

Get out of your Republican pod, get out of your Democratic pod, and realize that the big global banks fund all parties in government, and all sides of conflict to encapture us into more debt, and so they can control what happens and the outcomes of all conflicts. Time to wake up. We are under covert global dictatorship, under the guise of artificial ''nationalism'' and democracy!

Ask yourself, are you free? No of course not, nowheres free! We just think we are free because we can cast a vote every 4 years for a series of puppets controlled by the same between....NO SAY AT ALL in what happens.

You ever wonder why no matter who gets into power the same things happen? You ever wonder why all politicians say theyll do somethin, then go and do the opposite?
Cause its all about flipping the truth, and tellin us what we want to hear so well shut up.

This war in Lebanon is about killing civilians, I dont care what disinformation is spoonfed to you by your crooked government-owned media, this is whats happening. Use your intuition. What do you feel in your bones? Who suffers the most in this conflict? Who benefits the most?

Time to wake up people. America has been hi-jacked, by a criminal Elite hellbent on death and destruction. All the excuses they give you for these wars are just that...excuses. And close examination of evidence proves it.

Simply, I wanna say get real. Wake up. Great evil is upon us. We have to wake up or else theyll drag the world into the most bloody war ever fought on this planet. Wake up now, before its too late!

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 08:10 PM
Too late.

We already are entering the most bloody war we will see.

Luckily, because of our location in the world (United States, and Canada), we don't have to worry about being attacked.

Therefore, when the draft / conscription begins, its your duty to humanity to dodge the draft.

Who cares if you do becoe a criminal for it. You, and who-ever you would have killed, are alive.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by AscendedMaster
We must wake up. The massacres going on in the Mid East are happening because we the people let it happen.

None of us have legal authority over Israel or Hezbollah. Syria and Iran feed hezbollah supplies and push them to attack Israel. Israel responded. This is not a complex issue. People in Lebanon are dying because Hezbollah attacked Israel and Israel is responding. If the lebanese don't want to be at war with Israel, then they should've gotten ride of Hezbollah, OR pressured Hezbollah to give up the two soldiers unconditionally, OR join Israel and attack the Hezbollah positions. They do neither, and thus they suffer. When Israel is satisfied with its actions, and pulls back, the Lebanese will again sit by and do nothing while Hezbollah restocks, and attacks Israel again.

They all serve the globalists!

What is wrong with Globalism, and why do you think the opening up of free markets and the breaking down of nationalistic barriers to trade have to do with the arabs attacking the jews over palestine?

ITS TIME TO WAKE UP. Its time to grow up

Or what?

This war in Lebanon is about killing civilians

If it was about killing civilians, then why isn't Israel rounding them up and executing them en masse? Lebanon and Hezbollah couldn't stop it.

Therefore, when the draft / conscription begins, its your duty to humanity to dodge the draft.

The only people pushing a draft are some of the democrats, and their stated logic is that it would engender draft resistance and that would 'stop the war'. They're right, so why the hell would anyone that wants the war support a draft???

Who cares if you do becoe a criminal for it.

Indeed, its a person's right to refuse and be sent to jail. I doubt that there'd be amnesty like last time though.

[edit on 2-8-2006 by Nygdan]

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 11:56 PM
Well I can answer that in a few ways.

No we dont have authority over the government, thats the problem. We dont have authority over intelligence agencies who found and fund and ARM these terrorist organizations. Where did North Korea get its weapons? ABB on behalf of Donald Rumsfeld sold it to them, in the early 1980s.
Where did Iran get its nuclear blueprints? The CIA with approval of Bill Clinton.
Who gave Saddam his chemical weapons? Donald Rumsfeld on behalf of the Bush/Reagan administration.
Who founded Al Queda? CIA.
Who arms Al Queda? CIA.
Who founded Hezbollah? Israeli Mossad.
Who arms Hezbollah, Syria and Iran on behalf of their secret services, cuz all these supposed different global secret services are all ONE secret service. They all lock into one pyramid, which the criminal Elite run at the top.
The big global banks own everything folks, and they are creating the illusion of ''terrorism'' in order to openly come out with their New World Order, One World Government.... this is out. This is old news. They state, publically, they write in their own auto-biographies, how are they are planning to do this. This isnt secret. If you dont know about this, you need to get informed.

Even CNN has reported how Bush is planning to create a North American Union, just like the European Union. Theyre gonna get the whole world under these different unions; then they are gonna go and merge all the unions into one mega super-state, a global government.

Now, personally, I dont think the idea of a global government is bad. In fact, I believe that if we are gonna become a galactic society, we eventually are gonna have to form a global government.

But when this global government is gonna be run by a secretive Elite, who call us cattle, who write how they wanna kill us, and reduce the population by 80% with their vaccination programs, and depopulation programs, and their manufactured wars that kill off large part of the ''goyen'', and are twisted and controlled by dark forces, and who interbreed with themselves and want a monarchy system where only their blood can get into power, and who want to reduce us to the level of slaves, and who are hiding great knowledge about ourselves and about the universe that would break down their systems of power, and who keep all the glorious technologies that exist to themselves, and instead of using it to set us free, they are using to to ENSLAVE us, then I have a problem with a global government.

Its time to wake up and grow up, just because its time to evolve. We are lucky we have such outstanding support from our space family, or else this world wouldve gone to hell a long time ago. And with their support, we are gonna beat this NWO so it wont come down on us.

But the average person is so ignorant, they dont know whats going on in the slightest bit. They dont know that their is a whole universe of information out there that the Elite have been keeping from us. They dont know just how marvelous this glorious thing we call Creation is; theyre too busy focusing on issues of little significance, they focus on the mindless trinkets that pass.. tv shows, movies, fashion, sex, parties, and to a lesser degree, sports and music. Most people I know dont care. Most people Ive met dont have any worth or any honor in themselves, they dont have any pride in what they do and what they accomplish and what they are.

It amazes me how the people love to prance around and identify their being with this corrupt establishment...''oh Im with Bush; well Im with the Republicans; well Im with the Democrats; well Im for the war; well Im for the system everyone....', then they go on and wave the flag going ''oh I support Israel, oh I support Bush, we have to rid the world of evil''...makes me sick.

Why arent the evil Elite using their black ops squads rounding up Lebanese people and executing them? Cuz theyre too busy doing that in Iraq.

Lucky for us, we are heading into the Golden Age. How many of you will get in tune with the truth, in tune with the universe, and evolve yourselves to the next level? Or how many of you will continue to be lied to, and manipulated, and slaughtered?

Your choice.

[edit on 2-8-2006 by AscendedMaster]

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