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Chinese county culls 50,000 dogs

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 04:44 AM
While i can understand trying to stop the spread of rabies, listen to China's such kind ways of approaching this problem.

Dogs being walked were taken from their owners and beaten to death on the spot, it said. Other killing teams entered villages at night creating noise to get dogs barking, then homing in on their prey.

I thought when i read the title they were mainly stray dogs, seems not.

From here.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 04:48 AM
That's just wrong. Could you imagine just happily walking your dog 'round the block when this group comes up and starts clubbing it to death?!?! If someone did that to my dogs you can be assured I'd kick their ass/s.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 04:52 AM
Interestngly, there was a kind of similar story circulating the British press recently, regarding a fellow from Northern England who, apparently, specialises in the disposal of unwanted greyhounds that were previously racing dogs :

BBC - 18 July 2006

Greyhound trainers, who race dogs a few miles from where a man was said to be slaughtering thousands of animals, said they were unaware of his activities.

More than 20 trainers who race at Sunderland Greyhound Stadium said they were as "horrified as the public".

A Sunday Times investigation claimed David Smith, of Seaham, County Durham, had shot 10,000 dogs with a bolt gun and buried them in his allotment.

As usual, however, I could not tell you how accurate these claims are.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 04:54 AM
While I disagree with the Chinese methods it is important to realize that in the US "silent" animal cruelty, in the form of over-breeding and abandonment, claims the lives of at least 15,000 dogs each and every day.


posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by Denied

Dogs being walked were taken from their owners and beaten to death on the spot, it said. .

Disgusting.At least they could have done it humanely..

Maybe the takeaways were running low on meat that month

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 05:12 AM
im speachless....this looks like a chocked because it is not one!

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 08:19 AM

Originally posted by Voxel
While I disagree with the Chinese methods it is important to realize that in the US "silent" animal cruelty, in the form of over-breeding and abandonment, claims the lives of at least 15,000 dogs each and every day.


Do you know what type of dog is most often put to sleep in pounds? Black labs! I would have thought it was pitbulls but black labs are over bred and if the breeder can't sell them , they dump the dogs at a shelter or pound and let them deal with it. So sad! We have our third adopted lab with us now, he happens to be white but I am trying to convince my DH to take on another one. I know a wonderful rescue org that fosters, house breaks, and trains basic commands and then delivers the dog to you, our Stanley came from halfway across the country-he is perfect. If anyone is interested you can u2u me and I'll get you the website. Can you tell this thread struck a cord in me?

As far as China goes, wouldn't widely vaccinating these dogs end the need for a slaughter? A little planning here...

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 09:00 AM
Can dogs get Bird Flu? Another reason that may not be present in the article could have been an unreported outbreak of bird flu in dogs.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by Huangjiaweishi
Can dogs get Bird Flu? Another reason that may not be present in the article could have been an unreported outbreak of bird flu in dogs.

Good point, its not as if they are open about this.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 11:01 AM
The Chinese government as a whole does not care about it's people or their property.

'nuff said


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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 01:06 PM
This is so disturbing. I won't be able to stop thinking about it for sad. Could the Chinese government not afford the price of a bullet to at least be a little more humane? What the hell is wrong with the world?

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 03:40 AM
That is so sad! When I first came across this, I was afraid to open it- things like this just break my heart. I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to my babies.

That is sick. Totally sick. Could they not be at least slightly humane?

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 03:50 AM
Thing is, by beating the dogs to death instead of shooting them or killing them by lethal injection at a dogpound, they actualy increase the risk of dog to human transfer of Rabies.

A bullet or an injection are pritty clean, beating the dogs till they die probably has blood and stuff flying all over the place, posibly contaminating the people and environment in the area.

PS, that brit that killed 10000 dogs and burried them in his allotment? How big was that allotment?????

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 04:07 AM

This is the open wound for all to see in the Chinese government that is only a reflection of the much bigger spiritual problem that lies underneath, festering and unseen. The US government as an entity is no better.

I have lived alone my entire adult life, my companions are my two doggies. I can't tell you how hurt I would be if this happened to me.

armchair coach
amateur historian

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 08:19 AM
Thematrix did bring up an important point. I live in an area full of rabid animals, a rabid skunk once attacked one of my 100lb dogs, my 45lb child had happened to be sick that day or she would have been outside waiting for the bus. Anyway, the police in our town will not shoot a rabid animal because we thought they didn't want to do the firearm discharge paperwork. We hired a wildlife trapper who set us straight. It's best to trap these animals because if you shoot the animal the rabies can go airborne. Ick. Pretty nasty stuff. We've had at least 4 rabid animals in our neighborhood in the past five years, very scary.

Our dog was fine by the way. Quarantined (sp?) for two weeks at the vets, health department visit to our house, bleached down entire area of attack. $400. for the trapper and ended up that the skunk walked around to the side of our house and dropped dead.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 11:49 AM
I too am completely sickened and sad about this. I too will also think about this for days to come.
With all the things China does has at their disposal, they don't have a way to be humane to a living breathing creature?
How could those men beat an animal (50,000 no less) until it died, listening to it's screeching in pain as it SLOWLY died? I am astounded and outraged at this.

Where is our humanity? Our compassion? How could people regardless of the reason ("rabies") be so deliberately cruel?
Were there not other ways? Vacciniation? Or if you had to put the dogs down why beat them to death? Why not a gas chamber of sorts where you could do it enmasse?
Hell they were culling chickens more humanely then they did these dogs.

I am just completely disgusted and I am also surprised that this post only got 14 responses.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 11:54 AM
But something tells me the Chinese would not be that stupid, like above posters have quite rightly said, bludgeoning them to death would spread the disease.

Is this some kinda of properganda to exact the emotion being felt on this thread?

After all its on CNN?

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 01:35 PM
Let's see if just one of those dogs was actually rabid. Maybe that poor thing managed to pass it on to one of those sick killers! Who gets to club that guy to death?

posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 01:45 PM
Not every society looks at animals the same way, they may even think they are doing the dogs a favor by beating them to death instead of letting them get rabies and die from that?? As for the whole bullet/Vaccinate/Gas thing goes, that all costs money. Money we may take for granted but money the local governments may not have over there?? And like Voxel said pounds here kill about 5 and a half million animals a year or is it ok to snuff them if you do it “nicely”? I hope all you outraged people either already have a pet from the pound or are on your way down there now to get one (yes I have 1 cat, 1 bird and 3 fish from my local humane society) or all your outrage is just so much talk. If your not part of the solution……..

posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 04:32 PM
I am outraged and currently I have two labs. My 14 year old lab mix is from The Center for Animal Care and Control near 110th Street and 1st Ave in NYC. My DH and I adopted him as an 18 month old. My other dog is from a website called "", we got him at 18 mos-2years old. Prior to that I had a dog I got from a shelter in New England as a pup-she lived to be 15 years old. And before that, we had a little mutt and two cats my dad found in the streets. We also adopted unwanted 3 year old bunnies from a local New England Rescue Org instead of buying baby rabbits when my daughter asked for bunnies for her birthday, this involved a four hour trip rather than a run to the local pet store. We have also paid for a dog at our local pound to be spayed to make her more adoptable. A society can be judged on how it treats it's animals and children. China fails and the US is a close second! There seems to be a pervasive lack of compassion when it comes to unwanted animals in this country and any animal in China.

Some of us do put our actions where our mouths are!

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