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An Update on USA and Russian WMDs

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 07:53 PM
Check out:

Russia is still a threat but much less so than in the peak of the Cold War (naturally only if there is no hidden agenda). Peaceful World Citizens demand the number of WMDs in the World to be Zero.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 08:26 PM
A few questions: which nations will increase or decrease in WMDs (nuclear weapons and otherwise) in the future? Which USA agencies will play a prominent role in monitoring this? Which nations will become new WMD powers? Which will be eliminated as WMD powers?

I trust in the Great USA to play a prominent role in WMD matters to insure the safety and security of everybody in the World so that each person in the World lives a great, long, and fruitful life.

posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 07:44 PM
G'day all,

I have just come across the following article which I thought I'd search ATS for a similar thread and join to it rather than start a totaly new topic. It is about the race between the US and Russia to acquire and master the full potential of Tesla technology Daeth Rays.

In the following link -

Titled - "Tesla Technology and the new superweapons - by John Jacobs"

states that Russia has a 3 to 5 years lead in this area. The driving urge to secure these weapons is the negative aspect of using nuclear weapons in that it renders the newly overtaken land as radioactive waste and useless, thus cancelling out any sort of future use of the land.

Quote - "For example, airliners from Iran, before the fall of the Shah, saw deep within the Soviet Union very large, glowing spherical balls of light that started small and then expanded to very large size, which are apparently Tesla weapons for use in an anti-ballistic missile defense role."

Quote - " The London Sunday Times of August 17, 1980 ran a story and a photo-sketch of a possible sighting of the testing of very large Tesla globes deep within the Soviet Union. British war cameraman Nick Downie made the sightings in Afghanistan. The phenomena seen were in the direction of the Saryshagan Missile Test Range, which, according to the U.S. Defense Departments Soviet Military Power - 1986, contains one or more large directed energy weapons (DEW's)."

Quote - "The Tesla transmitters create giant standing ELF waves that have repeatedly formed huge blocking-system that alter the path of the high altitude jet stream and dam up the normal flow of weather fronts. The Russian ELF transmitters are reportedly able to create droughts that last for months and even years, as well as being able to generate devastating floods."

Does this mean that the 6-7 year drought in eastern and south-eastern Australia could be cause by this? Maybe for our support of the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq? Is this technology only localised or can it be used for effect around the world?

What scares me thou, like I havnt been scared enough by these nutcase scientists is the fact that with the USA using HAARP and now the Russians testing this similar sort of technology, they between them both are going to really screw up this world !

Here we go, the Yanks did imitate the Russkies - "Exactly one year after the beginning of the Russian Woodpecker, July 4, 1978, the United States conducted its own ELF weather experiment that created an enormous downpour of rain over six counties of northern Wisconsin. This ELF-generated storm generated winds of 157 mph and caused $50 million in damage, and destroying 350,000 acres of forest."

Why dont you send some clouds over to Australia you greedy bastards, we are just about all water in our resovoirs and you guys are playing cat and mouse with the Russians and their big zap-guns!

Now, to conclude, check this last quote out from the above document to really get your knickers in a knot - "The Department of Defense will not comment about American RF/EM weapons, or if Russian RF/EM weapons' development is still going forward. However, experts say that the Russians are apparently still ahead in this science and could exploit that lead in a surprise strategic move, a move that could have grave consequences for the United States and the world"

So what do you think will be the NEXT surprise strategic move? If they do have an edge at the moment, would they be threatening to exeprt thier influence in regards to US foreign policy or do you think the Russians are actually waiting for the right condition for a massive surpise attack on the US sometime in the future will all that they have?

Why cant we just share a beer at the pub/bar?

posted on Jun, 15 2007 @ 10:50 PM
In a war betwean them, conventional or nuclear, both would suffer heavily. There would be no winner. Russia is making less nukes, but they are making more powerful, more accurate, and harder to intercept ones (like the Topol-M), keep that in mind.

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