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Counter twisting earth

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 06:07 AM
I was watching Superman 1 and 2 yesterday and came to a deep thought.

You remmember the Ending where S-man goes crazy and flyes out to spinn the planet in a difrent direction so that the time goes backwords?

Well i dont really belive that spinning Earth in backwords way will make ime go backwards (or is it posibel?), i was more wondering:

1. Wat efects will it have (climat will probably change?)

2. Will it effect grafity?

3. Will it afect day and night?

4. Wat happens to the Moon?

5. Any other thoughts on it?

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 06:51 AM
1) Ever been in a car where somebody made a really sharp turn? You feel that sharp jerk in one direction. That is because the car has changed direction, but your body is slower to respond to that change in direction due to inertia. Now, imagine this happening to the entire planet. It would be a mess...

I don't think climate would change, unless the earth was left spinning at a faster or slower rate, so that days were of a different length. If we had really long days, for example, like a planet such as Mercury, then one side would get cooked for weeks while the other side was really really cold, as it cooled off at night. Since we have an atmosphere, unlike Mercury, it wouldn't be as bad as that planet, but it would still be bad.

2) No affect on gravity since the earth would still have the same mass.

3) If the speed of the earth were changed, then the length of day and night would change. Also, if the earth spun backwards, the sun would rise and set in opposite sides of the sky as they do now.

4) Nothing that I can think of.

5) I haven't seen that movie, but holy crap is that unrealistic...!!!!
I suppose if you spun the earth in a different direction like that, then the inertia thing would also happen to the oceans, and you would get massive tsunamis and stuff everywhere. I guess that would count as a climate change, but it would be a one-time thing.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 07:36 AM
Thats what i thought, but wat do you think is it humanly posible for eart to start spinning a difrent way?

And how are the other planets diong it are we all going like a clock around the sun or are there other planets that spin in a opposite direction?

wats a Timeline btw? Can it be slowed down? Or changed with affect of some sort of universal change.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 07:49 AM
The amount of force necessary to affect the earth's spin would be so massive that nothing we can do will change it. I have read that the damping effects of the oceans being sloshed around as the earth spins are (very slowly!) slowing the length of our days.

All of the planets rotate on their axis in the same direction except Venus, which is backwards. No one knows why, but if 8 out of 9 planets rotate the same way, that's probably not a coincidence, and I think it is probably something to do with how our solar system was formed.

wikipedia article, venus:

If viewed from above the Sun's north pole, all of the planets are orbiting in an anticlockwise direction; but while most planets also rotate anticlockwise, Venus rotates clockwise in "retrograde" rotation. The question of how Venus came to have a slow, retrograde rotation was a major puzzle for scientists when the planet's rotation period was first measured. When it formed from the solar nebula, Venus would have had a much faster, prograde rotation, but calculations show that over billions of years, tidal effects on its dense atmosphere could have slowed down its initial rotation to the value seen today.

I'm not sure about orbits, but I think all the planets go the same way, but I could be wrong.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 08:19 AM
It's the collapsing force of gravity that has made the length of our days, and the direction of our spin.

Think of a thrown marble. If you put in even a tiny curve to it's throw, the marble will start spinning in the direction of the throw.

Now, when the soar system formed from a cloud of dust, it began to collapse in upon itself in a certain direction. The debris spiraled down. Some of the spirals became circles (the orbits of the planets), but that momentum was still there, and so when the debris within those circles began to collapse in upon themselves, that spin remained.

Now, they weren't spinning quickly - but as they collapsed, and the center of mass grew greater in density and gravitational pull, the spinning accelerated, eventually reaching what we see today.

Now there's no earth-bound force that we know of that could stop or reverse the spin of the earth. The earth has a lot of mass, and space is frictionless, and so the earth will keep on spinning for a long, long time yet to come.

How long does it take to go around the earth?

1 day

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 08:39 AM
But it meens we are slowing down right?

And wat will ahppen if we do slow down?

I was just thinking of the fact that we can use our planet s a big ship

If we use some drivers and go from one solar system to another cos doing that by a ship meens taking ages..i dont know anyone who wants to be stuck that long with his sons grands sons of the sons..and so on on a peace of metal, while Earth is way more interesting.

That will make traveling way better.

By the way does spinning and time has to do anything with eachother or is it to far fetched?

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 01:16 PM
Yes, the earth's spin will slow and slow and eventually stop. By the same token, the sun will one day burn out, destroying the earth during a turbulent period where its very surface will scorch our world. By the same token, the moon will eventually fly away or crash into the earth. Black holes will some day evaporate...

Entropy consumes all.

In time.

Essentially what I'm saying is that the rate the earth's spin is slowing, we have nothing to fear. It will take countless eons for it to slow down by any noticeable degree. Why the dinosaurs themselves probably experienced a day that was still ever so slightly longer than 24 hours like our own. The earth's been spinning, pretty uniformly, for the past 5 billion years, and will most certainly change by only the smallest fraction of amount during the next 5 billion years.

And yes - we could use the earth as a great spaceship! If you could create a heating system and an energy supply to keep us warm and power it across the cosmos, you very well could keep an entire planet alive whilst using it as a vessel for travel.

As for spin and time... the two are loosely related - but only in the fact that the outer surface of a spinning object moves at a faster speed than the center. Anything moving encounters time/space dialation (as according to relativity), even you, and so the outside edge of a rapidly rotating object will be as if time is moving more slowly than something at the inside.

Mind you, once again, the difference is so tiny that it's incomprehensible.

Even more, velocity is meaningless is space, because there's no unmoveable referance point, and so only speed is important. Because of that, there's no moving backwards or forwards in space... backwards and forwards only exists in the relation of where we are to where we were in relation to a third object's position. Because of that, no matter how fast Superman spins around the earth, he can never travel back in time, unless he beats the speed of light (and even then, maybe not).

Finally, what would happen if the earth did stop spinning? Well, it's the question of HOW we stop spinning that's really important here.

If we slow down, gradually, even just by 1 hour every 500 years (which is a hellava long time in cosmic standards), then we would hardly notice until some 10 or 5 years had passed... and eve then only through having the sun set a little earlier or later than norm. Eventually, when stopped, the days would still pass... it would just take a much longer time to do so (the earth still goes around the sun).

If the earth suddenly, unexpected STOPPED, then we'd all be dead. The earth spins VERY fast (when you think about it - remember the riddle). A sudden stop would leave anyhing not firmly planeted to the ground (which is to say EVERYTHING would be affected - even mountains - since we're a loose solid crust) woul suddenly be thrown at the speed that the earth was travelling. We'd be all, very, dead.

Hope all this makes some sense to you!

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