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Great-Grand-Ma speaking to me in my dreams?

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 02:52 AM
Ok well I'll start off with what happened, last night I had a dream in it I had an experience completly unlike any other dream I'v ever had. I heard my grandmothers voice, the oddity of it was that I didnt here her like you ussually would but I heard her clear as day, so much so that it stunned me an instantly brought me into a completly clear real like dream for a couple of seconds and then it awoke me out of my sleep. So heres what happened in the dream. Me, my mother, my grand mother, and my uncle were in a church, for what I beleive was my GreatGrandFathers funeral, althoe I'm not sure. So were sitting there talking; my mother and grandmother to my right in the same bench as me and my uncle in a row infront of me and to the left, also he was on the very edge of the isle, i had about one space between me and the isle. so were talking in then out of know where clear as day I hear my GreatGrandMothers voice behind me, and she says "Will he go to heaven?" at that point my jaw dropped and i turned behind me to see my GreatGrandMother sitting one row behind me and to my left. She seemed confused or concerned. I immediatly freak out and ask if anyone else can see her and I turn from her and I see my uncles face in the same state of shock as me, at that point I woke up. I dont think my grandmother or mother saw her in the dream. Now this alone is very wierd as this is something where there is no way in my mind that that was not the spirit of my GreatGrandMa speaking to me, wether directly or otherwise. Now it gets wierder, my Great Grand Pa (Pops) died before my Great Grand Ma. Either the day of his wake or his funeral while showering to go to the ceremony the lights in the bathroom started flickering on and off, I looked outside and I could see the switch moving without any aid. This greatly frightened me and I prayed to Jesus and commpelled the spirit to leave in his name and it stopped. Also to note when I heard my great grandma I was shocked but I felt NO fear at all. I kind of wanted to give her a hug as she was one of the nicest and warmest people you could ever meet. If someone could tell me any ideas. I told my mom about it and she told me she felt it was my grandmother coming to talk to me. My mom and aunt had gone to a psycic a couple of years after my great grandmas death and the psycic spoke with my grandmother and was able to go into great detail as to what my grandmother was wearing when she was burried. One thing I am worried about it my mother is worried that the fact that only me and my uncle saw her in the dream. My uncle is a heroin and coc aine addict and is in some very bad times right now where if he died it wouldnt be to surprising. I work in a night club as security. I dont know how to read the dream because it seems she was asking if her husband would go to heaven so I have no idea why only me and my uncle would see her.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 11:53 PM
The way I read your dream it's more like she is talking about your uncle since she was looking at him. But that is just my interpretation from reading what you said, I am definitely not psychic or anything. Also your uncle was sitting away from the rest of the family, which might indicate a departure from the rest of the family.

Or in reality all of the above could mean absolutely nothing other than you are perhaps worrying about your uncle and your expressing this worry in your dreams.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 04:02 PM
i agree partly with goose. i think it has to do with his current issues he is having right now as well. the part about sitting away from the rest of the family could show that he is distanced himself from you guys. the part in the dream about her looking at your uncle and saying that .. this is what i get out of it

by her looking at HIM when saying it , means that he needs help. it was more of a question, than a " just wondering" i think it was her way of saying, if he doesnt get help he wont go to heaven. also i think that "heaven" is partly a " saviour type thing. maybe she was not only talking about heaven, but asking, " will he be saved" ( not in the sense of saved as in being a " born again christian" but in the sense of being saved from this place that he has fallen to.

i dont know if this help any, but maybe your grandmother thinks that you can help him in a way.??

on thing though.. if you do decide to help him, dont put your self out> because that could just start a whole new cycle of problems. so hope that helped

im out

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posted on Aug, 4 2006 @ 04:17 AM
so far helped alot guys just wanted to clearify a couple of things as I think it might change things a bit, she wasnt looking at my uncle when she said it she seemed to be stairing off into the distance and it seemed to be a reference to my greatgranddad but the part that wiered me out was that it seemed only me and my uncle heard it. My concern is that maybe we can only hear her because were the closest to death and the other side

posted on Aug, 4 2006 @ 10:03 PM
Or maybe its because in your mind the others are not as in tune with the world around them and take little notice of what is really going on around them. Lots of younger people see the older generation this way.

Also remember it was a dream and might not have had any real meaning at all other than you missing your grandmother.

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 05:18 AM
im sorry to tell you this but i feel i must. your g. grandma is dead and she can talk to you through your dreams. but your not in full control of your dream so she can't talk freely. i think she's warning you and your uncle your going to die as you 2 where the only ones who heard her. just don't come haunt please. make sure you go to heavan lead a good life and help your uncle you may be able to avoid death. contact an expert find away to talk to your g. grandma.
good luck.

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