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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 03:29 AM
“Hey Bob how goes it? They must have you buried down there in that lab. I seldom see you anymore.”

“Well hi John. Its good to see you too. Yes, I’m nearly a walking capacitor anymore. I am working on the refinement of that lateral shift anti gravity module and I have an anomaly producing the same skewed results. Do you recall that first time I lit up the room?”

“Oh, how could I forget? The fluorescent lights turned blue and all the paperclips went floating over and fell into the metal trashcan sticking to the inner sides. That was after you became freaked and hit the off button.”

“Yes but what I meant was how the paperclips stood on end and rotated as they floated. They should not be doing any rotation. I moved the Flux generator over to the other side of the room and they don’t rotate there. Just in that one spot of the room by the hallway wall is a problem.”

“Have you tried Ted’s lab?”

“Yes and nothing happens out of the ordinary in there. They float standing vertical but no rotation. The anomaly only occurs in that one spot in my lab. Every thing is fine in any other section of my lab. John, do you suppose there is some unseen force nearby in that one spot causing this?”

“Bob, I am not supposed to mention this, but I would check with the janitor.”

“The janitor? What the?”

“Let me give you a clue. When the janitor mops the floor sometimes, well, uhm, well, his mop runs the floor and he just seems to hang on to the handle instead of moving the handle back and forth as you would expect.”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. John are you telling me that he is using some kind of flux anti gravity injector to assist him in moving that mop back and forth?”

“Bob I am saying you need to consider where the janitor’s closet is in relation to that spot of anomaly you are speaking about when you are testing.”

“No way!“

“Yes way closer to the possible problem than you might think. Consider opposing flux lines out of phase with your flux generator in close proximity to your experiment.”

“Oh come on now John, how could the janitor have such a device or even begin to understand any of our work here in Physics?”

“Bob, you must realize that he is no ordinary janitor. No one working here is ordinary about anything. He made a major mistake once and has not been able to get work in physics since. Don’t you know he is Dr. Samuel P. Trignaught?”

“No, no, can’t be. You mean THE Trignaught? The inventor of the duo sync replicator?”

“Yes. Some say he uses his janitor job to have access to the lab equipment at night. Ask him about his mop and if he turns it off when he is done with it. He stores it in the closet from the hall that has its back wall to your lab.”

“Turns it off? What the?”

“But be careful if you approach him from behind because he has been known to fly off the handle. That might not be good.”

“Oh John, do you mean fly off the handle as in gets really angry?”

“No Bob, I mean he physically flys off the handle of his mop if he is startled. The mop keeps on mopping by itself. He uses some type of gravity injector flux device in the Mop.”

“Wait a minute John. That ordinary wooden handled mop with the cotton looking mop head is ultra-tech?”

“Very much so and fortunately we don’t have to supply batteries for it because he uses some type of ZPE zero point energy module for it. But he forgets to disengage the ZPE when he puts the mop away sometimes. Being in the closet that close to your lab might just be causing a disharmonic flux distortion. This would be from the gravity injector on the vertical transition to horizontal affecting your tests. That could be your anomaly.”

“Oh thanks John, Ill talk to him and see if he can assist me. Hey good talking with you.”

“You too Bob. Lets get together on Saturday for a game of fusion ball. Call me.”

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 04:27 AM
Oh man, that's crazy.

Great work.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 08:53 PM
I enjoyed reading this, a little wierd and before our time, but readers could still relate to the casual conversation between two extraordinary colleagues.

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