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Descent Into The Inferno

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 02:26 AM
As the Israeli war machine pounds Lebanon and Gaza, concern is mounting over Israeli use of mystery cluster bombs.

"WHEN the bomb exploded from the plane I felt I was in hell, real hell," shouts 31-year-old Ghassan stabbing the air with his finger and straining over the side of his grubby hospital bed.

What better way to punish their heathen neighbours than for Israel to use weapons that give them a taste of damnation.

Doctors say they have never before seen such specific burn injuries, concentrated so much on the lower body and causing such a high propensity of amputations. The Health Ministry has already called for an independent inquiry.

Women, children, the elderly...

Justification for the "strong arm" response to the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers is difficult enough. The slaughter of approximately 400 civilians (so far) and the indiscriminate (or is it?) bombing of Lebanon is nigh impossible to defend.

But this:

"There were amputations of limbs. Most patients were afflicted below the waist. They had burns all over their lower limb," he said.

Others were afflicted by what he described as "translucent shrapnel not shown by X-ray" that caused burns.

Translucent shrapnel?

Thank you Israel for showing the world yet more brutal and savage ways to wage a war.

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 08:21 AM

...A piece of plastic with the word "test" written on it had been found. "I think it was in one of the patient's wounds or something like that. One of the nurses came to me. I saw it myself and touched it with my hand."...

Plastic shrapnel...that has got to be against Geneva Conventions surely?
Regular metal munitions shrapnel would show up on x-rays making extraction posible, but this stuff seems to be specifically designed NOT to show on any x-ray image.

'Sick' is not word, in fact I cant even think of one to describe use of such weapons against civilians


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