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Steven Greer interview from The Paracast Radio

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posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 07:36 AM

Steven Greer was a guest on The Paracast Radio Show at

To really understand what's really going on concerning the extraterrestrial presence/secrecy, please listen to this very interesting new interview.

Download it here :

posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 08:13 AM
Thank you i will when i get home.

posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 12:45 AM
Now, one of the most interesting things to come from this interview to me, was Dr Greer's explanation of the 'manevolent side' of the equation. The horrible alien abduction cases etc. Humans have reverse-engineered ARVs for decades now, and many could be flying the skies under a wider disinformation plan - to sow the seeds of fear and absurdity. To have shadow ops commandeering these things and staging abductions. The participants will think it's real obviously and it is to all intents and purposes. This has the effect of a) making an abduction scenario something to be feared and b) making an abduction scenario something to be ridiculed. Named and shamed. To distract people away from the technology in their possession with wild tales of little green men from outer space doing horrible things to humans - eventually to culminate in an 'Independence Day'-style battle and weaponising space,as Wernher von Braun warned. To manufacture an excuse to one day stage an attack against mankind. Humans have done this for eons so it shouldn't be surprising to conspiracy readers here that there is an agenda behind this, and Dr Greer says he has the sources to back his claims up too.

People have been criticising Greer over his "that all the aliens are nice fellows and won't harm a fly" stance so it was good to hear him tell his side of the story and what he thinks of all the abduction cases out there. The Travis Walton case immediately struck me as an example. I have no doubt Travis was telling the truth and experiencing things as they really occurred. He mentioned human figures that wouldn't talk to him. Perhaps there was a mixture of ET and real humans in some black ops project? Co-operation? I'd like to know what Greer thinks about this case.. or would he dismiss the whole thing as disinformation?

I also was intrigued by the fact Greer basically said he's given up on getting TDP to get before Congress. Stonewalled at every turn. The show's host suggested the likes of YouTube and Google Video to get the testimony out there as soon as possible and get it to reach everyone. Dr Greer responded by saying he would have bandwidth issues which would cost money that he doesn't have, and the host wisely suggested that the likes of YouTube etc totally cut out the need to worry about bandwidth, it would be the perfect vehicle for the Disclosure Project to get the material out there for free. The host is dead right, I'm glad he hammered that point across. Dr Greer then conceded that he's no tech-geek and "you'll have to discuss this with our webmaster" hahaha. I'd really like to see them use this alternative media at every opportunity because it's obvious the main media outlets are in bed with the ruling parties.

Another thing that intrigued me was the discussion of extra dimensions, astral projection, manipulation of energy and vibrational frequencies. Dr Greer and David Icke seem to have a lot of common ground. Now, either both of these men are concocting a load of fantasy bs or there really is a scientific and technological base behind it all. But I noticed both men seem to touch on the same sort of thing, I wonder if they have heard of eachother's work and what they think of eachother. It would be interesting to see these two heads work together as I think both of them are on similar tracks. The agenda, the science, the conspiracy, everything.

All in all it was another great interview. Dr Greer obviously covers the same sort of ground in all his interviews I guess to give new listeners a background to the issues involved, and I applaud the hosts for not being afraid to ask some tough questions. Thanks for sharing this, Musclor!

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 05:45 AM
What is really amazing IMO is how consistent M. Greer is, Book, conferences and radio appearence. I was saying exactly this to my wife last night.

It's easy to mess up when lying about complicated subject like this, but when Dr. Greer speaks up, i have the impression he actualy lived all those events, by the way he expresses himself.

There is definitively a wall regarding presenting all this material to the US congress. I believe he is on the right track to aim all his effort into spreading this information to other countries, to whoever is willing to listen. But i think this effort will be more constly and time demanding.

I believe it boils down to each of us, making an effort to spread the information around us, again, to family members, friends and collegues. Or, another way is by becoming a DP representative:

I cherish mother earth enough to make an effort, would you?

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