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Israel 'targeting fleeing civilians'

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 07:46 AM

"The Israelis seem to have stepped up the offensive. Yesterday, the doctor at the local hospital in Tyre described to me yesterday was the day of the cars, and by that he meant that cars carrying refugees heading out of south Lebanon to north of the Litani River were being hit systematically mainly by Israeli helicopter gunships," Mr Blanford said.

"I saw one minibus that was carrying 19 people, who were fleeing from a village... and they were hit by an Israeli helicopter missile a few minutes before we arrived.

"Three people were killed and the remaining 19 wounded to varying degrees, some of them very seriously and others lightly hurt."

He says incidents like the one he described were happening all over south Lebanon and doctors in local hospitals had confirmed 41 people wounded and three killed.

"And they were basically women and children, most of these people, in cars heading north trying to get out of south Lebanon, heeding Israeli warnings to flee their villages but being caught up in Israeli air strikes," he said.

So can people still say they salute Israel's tactics????

Yesterday, Israel had assured the Australian Govt a safe passage for Foreign Nationals still trapped in the South...perhaps those were transported safely out? but that safe passage doesnt hold any guarantees for Lebanese people? eh???

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 10:17 PM
Look point blank: If you commit a terrorist activity against a state then you are putting yourself at the full wrath of those whom you committed terror against. Also, if you are a state and you harbor terrorists, then you are putting your gov't and citizens at risk against whom you committed terror against.

Really, its not that complicated.

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