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Has the Earth already been conquered by the Aliens?

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 07:15 PM
NASA's goals no longer include "understanding and protecting" Earth -- has Earth already been conquered by the Aliens?

A New York Times article, dated July 22,2006, describes a subtle change in it's "Mission Statement".
It used to include the phrase, " to understand and protect our Home Planet". Now the phrase has been

Of course, the phrase originally implied that NASA's missions were to, in part, do research to develop greater
understanding of the Earth; it's ecology, it climate, to study pollution and, simply, how the planet functions geologically. This statement, the New York Times article notes, has been omitted.

The statement, "to protect our Home Planet", has also been omitted. Of course, this also implied that NASA's missions would contribute scientific data to help maintain the ecological, environmental balance on the planet.

The New York Times article's author, Andrew C. Revkin, goes on to conjecture that this omission was made to bring NASA's mission statement in line with environmental policies established by the Bush administration. Simply put, there is no global warming or environmental or ecological disaster looming in our future so why bother making it an issue? At least as far as the Bush administration might state things.

But another way to look at things would be to suggest that there was no longer any reason to "protect" the home planet. Why not "protect" the Earth? Perhaps the answer is that it is already too late! Maybe the change was in response to the fact that the Earth has already been conquered by an alien government which, naturally, would see no need to unite "puny Earthliings" in a resistance against the inevitable. After all "Resistance is Futile".

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 07:35 PM
You are not the first to postulate such a theory.
Some have gone so far as to compare the current situation to the way public education developed during the industrial revolution here in the U.S. In that the drive for public education was not a humanitarian push but an economic one in order to favor the industrial fatcats of the day.
By this I mean that an uneducated ignorant work force is good to the powers that be, in an agricultural society. The physical labor involved does not take alot of brain power.
As our technology has increased the need for more education and specialized education has likwise increased.
If aliens are already "in contrrol", we would need a certain level of technological advancement to facilitate the control and agenda they may expound. With or without our awareness.
Are we approaching the needed level and hence an effort to scale back. Like maybe the effort to stop stem cell research, or the effort to stop the ecological destruction of our planet? Who knows.
It's a thought provoking idea to say the least.

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