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Community Telepathy Experiment, with SkepticOverlord

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 07:48 AM
Ok, i am going to share something with you, something thats been going on for 2 years now and only just now i started to figure out whats happening to me.

It started about 2 years ago when i was in Australia. I met a girl there somtime and we clicked sort of to speak, and then we went our separate ways. About a week after we parted i was in my room, in my bed sort of half asleep, and i heard her words in my head! I was really surprised and in the coming weeks i surely heard more such transmissions coming thro as if that girl was saying something to me.

Very well i thought, i guessed me and that girl shared some kind of special gift or had some kind of connection which allowed us to communicate telepathicly.

I havent met that girl again so didnt really talk to her about these broadcasts. and soon I left Australia and came back to the UK. Over the course of next 6 months i kept on gettting these telepathic transmissions from said girl.

As i said at that time i still thought it was our special gift. Things took an interesting twist when i started working in this place about 15 months ago. I dont remember at which point it happened but very soon i remember i started getting similar telepathic messages from people i worked with too! Now the bunch of cowards that i wokred with i never could really talk to them, so i just let it go and accepted that other people, ordinary people can do telepthy thing as well!

At that period of time i also started recieveing visions, that spoke of my past lives. These visions identified certain past lives that i had. Also they tought me that my soul (haha) lives many SIMULTENIOUS incarnations at the same time. This is where it gets really interesting.

There was few people who i met in years before that, 2 or 3 people in real life who i identified as my soul but living a parallel incarnation. Also i identified people who i havent met in life, but saw somewhere else: like on TV.

From the information ive been presented with it turned out i had dozens of parallel incarnations, i could name them but most ordinary poeple, but some were celebritities and these are, or were:

Brad Pitt
Robert Deniro
Zach Braff
Paul van Dyke
And SkepticOverlord

All according to my visions are the same person, living parallel incarnations.

So lets put these visions aside and get back to telepathy. As i said i started recieving telepathic messages from these people and from people i worked with. Brad Pitt said to me in one message " that the planet is waking up and people now can do these things" that was his explanation.

These telepathic messages evolved. From simple words, very soon i could see people infront of me as if they were there! I could see and speak to them. In normal waking state, without any drugs.

Soon i left my work, and people i worked with didnt leave me alone.

They kept following me and annoying me.

One thing when you see people and hear them. Totally different thing when some of these people tell you to do things againts your will. And when you refuse, they threaten you and attack you.

I decided it is time to aproach one of my parents. I did recieve some telepathic message from my step father. And when i approached him and asked him about he was
and said he didnt know anything about it.

I thought he was simply lying, i didnt really trust him.

Few months ago i was in Amsterdam and there met a bunch of people. We all had a good time one night went out clubbing, then came back to our hostel and chilled for a while around 3 - 4 am.

Everyone went to sleep except me. I was in the room with all sleeping people in the hostel with around 7-8 of us. Everyone was sleeping except me. I was sitting at this table , thats when i could see images or visions of people who were with me, i could see their shapes and bodies materialising infront of me, i could see and i could talk to them!

So we talked about all kinds of stuff like this and i never bothered to wake few people up and check if it was really them or i was imagining! But at that time i thought it was real, i thought their bodies were asleep but their minds were communicating with me!

I was still programmed by Brad Pitts advice that this is becoming a part of reality and i shouldnt panic.

So anyway, when they woke up i didnt really speak to them about last night and we went away.

Its been few months since that happened. Few days ago i called one of the guys i met there and had a long talk with him. I asked him if he new anything about that night and he said .................................................................................... no, he doesnt know anything about telepathic conferences we had there in that hostel, and he did not send nor recieve any telepathic messages to me after he left.

That was a good telephone conversation indeed.

I made a list with about 20 people who i could conact in real life and with who i had telepathic converstaions. I also ranked all people with either low, medium or high priority. I.e. low being minor telepathic conatc as to high being a major player.

I am now trying to get in touch with people on this list.

SkepticOverlord was the first. And he was a HIGH priority. You see ive known him for almost 6 years online and i know pretty well, that he is a skeptic alright. About a year ago when i first got telepathy from him, i just assumed that he was telepathic but never said anything publicly or online to anyone.

And there is a reason i say he is high priority, because i did recieve a lot of telepathy from him (or something pretending to be him).

I u2ued him last night. And his words were ...................................... "I have no awareness of any telepathic conversations or contact."

Thats like music to my ears. 3 people now say this isnt real.
I spoke to a Priest in my church this morning, he was also part telepathy... he was a low priority, he said he doesnt know anything about it and made an appointment with me to speak about it in more details in a weeks time.

4 people now.

This is very interesting.

SkepticOverlord, could you confirm once again, what you said in u2u yesterday?

[edit on 23-7-2006 by Freeman]

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 06:24 PM
I can't wait to hear Skeptic's take on all of this.

Aside from the possibility that there is actually something going on, and all of these people are sending you messages subconciously without their knowledge, so that you can be some kind of universal connector, I can only think of two other possibilities:

1. When you see or hear about someone, your mind creates these things itself. Not necessarily to say that you are crazy, but perhaps just an overactive imagination.

2. Something is pretending to be these people when it is not, to decieve you. Whether some kind of evil spirit or ghost, or even as far as potentially a demon. People always say that when you are playing with an ouiji board that it isn't really your dead relative, it's just an evil spirit pretending to be, etc. So maybe something is just using you or messing around with you. This particularly leads me to believe this option:

Totally different thing when some of these people tell you to do things againts your will. And when you refuse, they threaten you and attack you.

It starts of innocent enough, but then things will escalate worse and worse.

Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend trying to contact celebrities and tell them this news, or you may end up with a restraining order or worse.

And just to mention that I have had something happen like this too, although nowhere near the extent of you. I was laying half-asleep and I heard a voice say six words to me. But it only happened one time, and I don't know who it was.

[edit on 23-7-2006 by Yarcofin]

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 09:21 PM
I must say, this is a very interesting event. I'm anxious to see how this plays out.

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 10:13 PM
i recently found someone who is a paralell incarnation
had some freaky paranormal # happen too like mind to mind connection and communication

edit: mine was diffinatly confirmed by this person

[edit on 23-7-2006 by veespec]

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 04:03 AM
Veespec, tell us more.

Originally posted by Yarcofin

2. Something is pretending to be these people when it is not, to decieve you. Whether some kind of evil spirit or ghost, or even as far as potentially a demon.

Thats very interesting you should say that, very interesting. I will say more on this later.

And i can now confirm Skeptic Overlord officially denied it .... and then confirmed that he denied once again just to be sure.

As far as parallel incarnations, i have some more juicy info, you all know Thomas Crowne (sp) somehow i get a message that he and Vin Diesel are the same soul/person.

Where is he? I am trying to find a post by him, i wonder what would he say to this.
Last active 10-4-2006, not looking good

I will pm him anyway

[edit on 24-7-2006 by Freeman]

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 07:13 AM
i will make a new thread about it
i feel it to be more fitting

[edit on 24-7-2006 by veespec]

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 08:36 AM
I wonder who I'm 'parallel' to
. By the way you talk about it, it seems like every single person has a dozen or so other parallel incarnations.

I bet there was one single 'soul' who incarnated as Hitler, Stalin, Ghandi, Churchhill, Tony Blair, Osama, George Bush, etc.

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 08:40 AM
Im sure that Skeptic Overlord will be pleased to learn he's a paralell soul clone to Brad Pitt and Robert Dinero.

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 09:31 AM
I'm parralled with, you guessed it

Abe Vigoda

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