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Valor has been stolen and re-sold

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posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 10:43 PM
"I was a Ranger in the Marine Corps" - Liar! Retard!
"I did my SEAL training at Seal Beach, California" - Liar! Seal Beach is a weapons depot! Idiot!
"I was promoted from Sargent to Major for inventing a shut down system for Nuclear Submarines" - Liar!! This person is also likely mentally ill.

Nothing entertains me more than IDIOTS that LIE about military service.
Here is the disclaimer, Alot of actual prior, active and retired military will make their operations they were on ALOT more exciting than they actually were. But, many are somewhere within the truth.

For me...
- TRUTH. I did indeed turn down a Naval Achievement Medal prior to leaving my last command. That was a considerable stupid move. I was disgruntled and asked that they down grade it to an LOA! not a Letter of Appericiation more like a Letter of Apology for all the crap I had to put up with. I got yelled at and called an idiot and really offended the Chain of Command. I got neither.
For some reason, some people at my new command don't believe me or that I would actually do something like that.

I can't lie about the "operations" it seems so unnatural, I do tell the truth, EXCEPT, I tell it from a broader prospective, what the Ship and battle group did, not what I did. I just stood watches 10+ hours a day.

These people lie to make them feel better about their pathic lives. These idiots that entertain me are those that are on the street, hanging outside a bar, etc that brag about their "military service", Why they are always a Marine, Navy SEAL or Army Ranger is beyond me, but the greater question IS, if they were a Marine, SEAL or Ranger, how did they become such losers?

- TRUTH. In San Diego. Some guy that would walk around doing some art with copper wire and selling it, he said he us to be in the Navy. I thought he was lying. No, he wasn't. He was given an actual Dishonorable discharge from the Navy for stealing and embezzelment (among other stuff). He did five years in the brig at Miramar, and released in early 1996. I have more respect for him than...

- LIAR. In San Diego, 1996. A middle-age guy. Claiming to be in the Navy. Said he use to be a figher pilot in the Navy, shot-down over Viet-Nam. Held as a POW at the Hainoi Hilton, until his release in 1995. Funny thing was when I checked him out, no one by his name appeared in the POW listings. I later asked him if he could name any of the POWs he in prison with. Oddly he couldn't hmmm...

If I do happen to come accross some LOSER saying he earned the medal of honor, valor, Navy Cross, etc. I will be more than happy to look it up. After that, I will let the following agencies such as CID, NCIS, FBI, OSI know what this LOSER is up to.

How to SPOT a FAKE and a LIAR!
- Inconsistant story. They may be minor or they could be big problems with his story that doesn't make sense.
- Militarly incorrect. They generally LIE about being Marines and Combat experiance. Ask them about their training. Watch them choke-up. What may get confused with lying is, marines sometimes do go through Army Special Ops and other infantry courses, as with Army that sometimes goes through Marine special ops and infantry courses. Look for other incorrect details if you think they are BSing you.
- Check them out. Look them up on the Internet. If they killed a whole bunch of people and got a Medal or Honor, Medal of Valor or Navy Cross, you'll likely find their citation online somewhere.
- You gut feeling that they are BSing you.
- They ask you for spare change.

I personally hope one of these idiot losers make a total jerk of themselves and they get caught on national TV, like the superbowl, and exposed for the liar that they are, that would be sheer entertainment.


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