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Powerful Global Media Baron Considers Supporting David Cameron…

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posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 09:17 PM
In an interview with one of his own Australian newspapers pro war Rupert Murdoch the founder of News International and controller of this many papers…
Has revealed to the world that he if considering supporting Cameron.

Being quite pro government (since the Hutton report) the BBC conveniently forgot to mention the News of the World as one of his papers.

Personally I speculate that if an enemy of democracy like Rupert Murdoch is supporting Cameron then there is probably also something wrong about him. Maybe he really is just to toff following exactly Blair did? And for all that the Tories claim to have changed they still haven’t…
1. Complained about the British arms trade being our biggest national cash value export as Blair hangs out with his multi millionaire mates like Bob Guild off, as they probably wonder how to spend as much over 3 quarters of collected charity money on bureaucracy as possible to help someone they know.
2. The Tories are yet to provide one candidate who isn’t dumb enough to support the war in Iraq
3. They haven’t spoken about voting reform; or certainly badly needed news media ownership laws. (Or renewed media bias regulations).

Cameron publicly advocates abolishing human rights rather than just some of sum’s absurd aspects. Cameron does not reflect change and we the British people should not be satisfied with him. Yes in the short term he will look different and perhaps be a little different; but the public rejection of the Tory party has not broken them yet, they are still the party of the media mongrel and not the people. Until they really change we should reject them; or we the people will loose another chance for real change. But it’s only if we can show them that the title of opposition isn’t a route to power in itself that they will be forced to come up with something better than Tory party PR. We can not let the route of Blair be their answer unless it is accompanied by something far more deeper and better than before. Electing them now would be like electing what we are getting ridding. Not worth doing unless you don’t want them to change.

That said I don’t know what they will put in their manifesto; and also I hate Labour as much as I hate them. But I know in opposition time is poison and my feeling now is that it’s not poison enough if we should still be disappointed in them.
But in spite of those thoughts I'm still not sure if I'm wrong!! Are you?

More info on Murdoch though…

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posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 07:44 AM
If Rupert Murdoch does decide to start supporting Cameron, you can pretty bet that come the next election, the Tories will do well. The Sun, one of Murdochs papers, is one of the most widely circulated papers in the country, and lets be honest, is a complete load of rubbish, what it reports as "news" simply isnt.

Now no dis-respect to readers of The Sun, but many of them are not too politically aware. Because of this, they are more likely to fall for lies being told to them by the paper, as its taken as truth. It is a mass generilisation I know, but in most cases it is correct. The Sun also has a habit of reporting total un-truths, and totally jumping the gun. Remember a few years back, when The Sun, and the News of The World, their sister paper, printed the names of alledged paedophiles, some who turned out not to be, and many people were violently attacked because of this, it shows that this paper really does have a large following, who believe all it says.

My point is, if one of the worlds most powerful media barons, Rupert Murdoch starts to support the Tories, or any other political party, traditionally Labour, you can expect many many people to follow suit, i.e in the 1997 general election when Labour began their reign, the Suns front page the next day, something along the lines of "The Sun Won It", and perhaps it is true, as they run a massive campaign against the Conservatives, and it paid off.

I do not think mass media companies should be allowed to be run by people of certain political preference, they should be 100% impartial. But alas, it is very unlikely for this to happen.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 03:34 AM
Murdochs been supporting Blair since 1997.

Its not surprising that given Blairs piss poor position at the moment he's considering switchings sides, a rat looking for a way off a scuppered ship.

Of course there the whole other problem of evil former colonials dominating a large chunk of the global media.... but thats another thread.


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