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Bush's former spokeman urges newspapers to

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posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 02:57 AM
run pro-war stories by vets with GOP ties.
When a couple of soldiers decide to put up a website and report on the war, no big deal. But when their reporting begins to get pushed by the likes of Terry Goss a spokemen for Bush until last year, & he also managed the media for the republicans in Florida in 2000, one has to wonder what exactly is going on here? Read the entire interview transcript with much more info.

The Buffalo News has revealed that a former spokesman for President Bush has been encouraging U.S. newspapers to run news stories from Iraq written by two combat veterans who are now embedded reporters in Iraq.
The official -- Taylor Gross -- has pitched the stories as "balanced and credible viewpoints gained directly from those closest to and most affected by the Iraq War."

But it turns out the veterans are from a pro-war group called Vets for Freedom that has ties to the Republican Party.

The group is now running website hosted by a firm that previously worked for the 2004 Bush-Cheney re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Questions about ties between Vets for Freedom and the Republican party were first raised by the group PR Watch and citizen journalists at PR Watch's website SourceWatch.

So I decided to see what a little research would yield. Below is a link to an article written by one of these vets, it is outright attack on Murtha and democrats and any other person against the war, IMO.

The Party of Defeat
By David Bellavia | December 9, 2005

Wow this soldier gets around. He gets invited to the State of the Union Address.
Former Army Staff Sgt. David Bellavia from Batavia, Genesee County, will hear President Bush's State of the Union address in person. He's attending the annual event with Rep. Thomas Reynolds, R-Clarence, Erie County. Each legislator is allowed to bring one guest to the event.

And then he gets a mention from Tony Snow, like I said this guy gets around I just did a google and now I am on the 10thth page and he is still being interviewed and quoted by everyone. I admit any vet should get respect and be listened to but we all know that does not usually happen.
David Bellavia, who won a Silver Star in Iraq and has been recommended for a Medal of Honor, says Murtha and other Democrats ought to apologize to U.S. forces in Iraq for their repeated claims that the Army is beaten, living hand-to-mouth and doomed to defeat.

I put his name in google and went through ten pages, but there were plenty more, like I said he gets around at least once sometime more on every page there was a link to a meeting with some member of the gov.. He definitely is someones poster child for war. I did not do the other so called reporter but I am betting it's pretty much the same thing.

Just a question for any vet here whether Iraq or any other war, do you think you could get this much attention if you offered a few articles or put up a website or waved your medals around?

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