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Mysterious Airplane

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posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 07:20 PM
Right first of all I can't find the link to this news story but I'll give you my account of what I saw . On 26th of June 2006 over Dundee a "mysterious" airplane was seen circling above Dundee .
I first saw it as I was standing outside work ataround 9am , it appeared to be a 747/737 but this bird was flying HIGH , the reason it caught my eye though was it was the contrail going in a circle basically . I could only observe it from the naked eye as my binocs were still in the van (which was locked up at the time) .
But the weirdest thing was there was another "aircraft" in the sky at the time which looked very much like your typical cigar shaped "ufo" , that said It could obviously been an aircraft "side on" and because the sun was shining on it I couldn't discern exactly what it was .
I could take a crappy webcam still of the actual story in the local news paper but I think my sister has binned it
. I've just checked the website of the local paper and they don't even have it up it was that minor a story .
The reason I'm posting this thread though is to see if any one can help me find more information on this.
Just a wee side note , from what I can remember reading of the story in the paper ,
the newsdesk had contacted the RAF and they had nothing about went on , or didn't
want to disclose any information .
Apologies to Mods etc if this isn't formatted right or doesn't read well (this is my first post etc justgetting into the swing of things)


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