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Massacre in China covered up

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posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 01:58 PM
I read in the NY Times today that the Chinese Government is killed people (around 20 people) in Dongzhou in December of last year. The Communist Goverment used the police to gun them down in the street!

All the villagers wanted was some property rights and they protested, and the government killed them. Then the government prosecuted some villagers, and seven of them were given long prison sentences.

The thing that rubs me is Iraqi and Palestinian lives are valued more than Chinese lives around here.

Why are these people forgotten in the political agenda war?

Human rights workers, lawyers and journalists have been kept away from Dongzhou, China by the Chinese government trying to supress this awful action.

The killers should be prosecuted for the murders and not the villagers.

Now China may even fine their reporters almost $13,000.00 for reporting facts, and not running it thru the government first. This type of terrorism supported by the Chinese government on its own people is so scary.


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