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The EU Constitution: Denied

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posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 04:14 AM
That said, the outlook is bleak for the treaty. It may stumble around the continent for several more years, but soon few will have a vested interest in reviving it - not least the Eurocrats, who are beginning to realise that they can introduce elements of the treaty into EU procedures piecemeal rather than in one symbolic act. By bypassing democracy in this way, they might even get away with more than the treaty offered, especially with the compliance of certain governments. Now that is a frightening thought.

Now you may remember that denied treaty in which the Netherlands and France voted no against (2005 if i'm correct), you may remember how it was said that the consequences of denying this new constitiution would be pretty severe. The people working for the yes campaign soon
pulled out the heavy guns, with propaganda telling us of "A New Auswitch" and the "Third World War" appearing soon if this treaty was voted no against. Since then i was wondering why they seemed so desperate of implementing it. If this would had passed, what results would it had lead into?

Somehow i think there was a conspiracy in there, you can still hear and see talks about how they are trying to install parts of this treaty into the EU. Please discuss if there was any. (If it wasnt discussed already

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