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GE Debating if it wants to invest in new A350 Engine

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posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 03:21 PM
GE is looking at if it wants to eat the aditional estimated 1 billion US in development costs assosiated with a new engine required for the all new larger A350. The new engine would have to be about 10% larger than the current GenX that sports a 111 fan that is being developed for the 787 and the previous A350 design. I cannot believe that GE would ceede the market to Rolls as the A350 should still garner sig. sells once it is finalized.

One other interesting note in the story. GE is continuing to persue development of the next narrow body engine and has indicated that it will not cut down the Genx rather develop a whole new engine from scratch.

GE-Aviation CEO Scott Donnelly said on the sidelines of a Wings Club speech in New York that GE was in talks with Airbus about the A350 and a possible new engine, but that no decision had been made. He said GE "would love to be on the plane," but he had to weigh that desire against the large economic investment in a new powerplant.

Donnelly said the motor on the new engine would probably need to be about 10% larger than the GEnx that will power the Boeing 787 and the current A350 design. Other components, including the fan blades and combustors, would also be bigger, he said. The GEnx features 111-inch fan blades and thrust levels around 75,000 pounds. During recent testing, thrust levels were pushed to about 83,000 pounds.
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