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Back Up Items (VIRUS)What to do?

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posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 08:43 AM
Please help me.
The introduction thread is very helpful.
Thank you Chissler.
But I am not a computer wiz so I'm turning to this grand forum for help.
I have a virus: Hacktool.Rootkit, as far as I can see it entered my system 04-12-2006.
2 days ago my Norton announced it's definite/ nonremoveable presence on my PC.
Why not earlier?
Can I delete Back Up Items in Quarantine Items all the downlowds are in there and a dial up feature that is suspiciously close to the first time the trojan entered my system. Won't the back up items just reboot themselves if I it leave there.
Norton doesn't fix them.
Why a dial up?
Around this time I tried to access a site requiring cookies, would not run but since the my PC's been slow. I have dissabled ALL cookies just after that.
I am going through the repair procedure offered by above mentioned thread I just(mainly) don't understand the back up part.
What wil this virus eventually do to my beloved PC. She is a sensitive cuddly "lapdog" (Acer) I don't want to loose her

Forgive my ignorance.

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posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 09:16 AM
The removal instructions are listed here.

Since Norton has not been able to remove it, you need to disable system restore, and start your pc in safemode, then have Norton run the scan and delete any of the files that it finds. Those instructions and answers to most of the rest of your questions are also contained in the link above.

Best of Luck.


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