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posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 03:22 AM
Hello every one...i'm new to this, but I believe in every aspect of other beings. I'm no fool...heres a brief out look on my ways of thinking..well I'll try and make it short.

I know there is other beings out there. And for us to truely join the civilization of the universe...human kind has to pass thru the nuclear threshold, which we are in right now. The beings that are ahead of us in life and technology are waiting for us to get a clue as a whole. There are the few of us in this world that have been priviledged to know these's things.
The nulcear thresehold is either going to go one way or another....complete human destruction from are leaders (gov, and religion) or we, and I mean the people that understand whats going on in this world...we haved to spread the word in a bigger way...and if you already are, let me in on it.
Screw leaders, i'm a true believe in become GOD-MAN....everyone has this ability....and I have crossed into it day, i'll be about to sustain it longer and longer, then one day i'll have crossed over into the feeling of love forever. Its a process of the brain, that very few have done before, but millions of us are learning how on a daily bases. I'm sure many don't understand that yet, but if you do, i'd love to have a convo, with you.

Well its late, got to get back to work....i'll type more later...hope I have sparked an interest...let me know, ZONIAN

posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 07:27 AM

Not a bad idea, on the whole. I don’t, however, believe that it is necessary for mankind to assume the status of deity in order to improve. The deity concept is not only a man made idea (like all others) but one that is somewhat ancient that does not benefit from what we refer to as our current ‘state-of-the-are knowledge base. We, as a species, desperately need to improve ourselves and one hopes, despite the current US administration and our worldwide indulgence in fundamentalist religious practices, that such improvement is ongoing.

Improvement occurs much like evolution, namely, in small doses, minute changes, quite, slow mutation, as it were, mostly without notice by the majority of the species.

Maybe we humans ought to allow the female of our species to “run things” for a short time, say, 200 years or so, to see if improvement could occur quickly and over the short term. It seems that with us males in charge WAR is the final answer to almost everything, every challenge even every Foosball game if we take note of the riots and destruction of property that occur after many such games. Racism is rampant in spite of considerable efforts, in the USA and other countries, to the contrary. Now that the human genome has been explained we are left with but one race on the planet. This new knowledge is tempered by thousands of years of human misconception and ignorance and is not well received by many of the few who are aware of this new fact.

A better human is not only a good idea, it is mandatory for our survival. To indulge in yet another human misconception, that of deities, as part of the solution to our current situation holds no appeal for me whatever. But improve we must and it takes individuals like yourself willing to ponder the method for something to happen.

Your English is to be complimented, whatever your native tongue.


posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 09:32 AM
Zonian, I am interested to know how and why you went about choosing that username. I'm also interested to know if your first name happens to be Adrian. You may fit the bill of someone who has been.... let's say..... foretold.

Normally I would have U2Ued this to you, but you don't have enough posts to recieve messages, and there is no email in your profile.

Anyway I think it is very hard to just completely end nuclear problems now. It's like a drug deal gone bad that ends up with everyone pointing a gun at somebody else. Every major country in the world has a nuke pointed at their enemy. What reason should they willingly back down and leave themselves defenseless when somebody else still has one pointing back at them. And they can't all take it down at once for fear that someone will not comply and rule over all the rest. At least that seems to be how the world governments think about it.

I would be interested in hearing about this process you speak about, though. Can you post the technique?


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