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'Darwin's tortoise' dies, age 176

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posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 06:16 AM
Hi, couldnt resist posting this.

Not sure where to post it actually, but this Tortoise was 176?!?! Amazing.

176yr old Tortoise

The giant tortoise, known as Harriet, was long reputed to have been one of three tortoises taken from the Galapagos Islands by Darwin on his historic 1835 voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. According to local legend, Harriet was just five years old and probably no bigger than a dinner plate when she was taken from the Galapagos to Britain. Harriet was believed to be the world's oldest living tortoise, and one of its oldest living creatures. Despite her longevity, however, Harriet is not the world's oldest known tortoise.

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