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What Occurs During Dreams

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posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 08:25 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

So I have a few general questions about dreams that I would like to ask you! These are not why and how dreams occur but more of a, is this normal.

To the questions:
I have been pondering on this for quite some time, how is one supposed to view/see a dream i.e. First person (through your own eyes) or third person (see yourself interact with other objects from a distance). For me I have both occur and I can clearly see through the third person view that it is indeed me. I know this might be a weird question but it has made me wonder for some time.

Second question:
Feeling during dreams, how real are they supposed to get? I imagine that they can be as real as you want them to be? But are when you wake up in the morning, are you supposed to still feel the injuries that occurred i.e. deep cuts, which linger throughout the day?

Third question:
This question might involve astral projection/OOBE but not entirely sure. When one has dreams that appear to be real as day i.e. you know it happened in "real life" but at night, what can you make of them: real or not? ("real life" means it happened during the night when you where sleeping, but not like a vision or dejavu. Not really sure how to explain it.)


P.S. Feel free to ask questions

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 08:12 PM
humm... thats funny. I Dream very simularly.

I go back and forth throught the night as to 1st or 3rd person . However i still choose the act in the 3rd person the watch myself complete the task. (whatever it maybe flying, running, or just walking) From what i can gather and thats only asking people on here and friends but most dream in the 1st person only.

Supposed to get? Whatever youve experinced is what is was "supposed" to get. If that is a common thing no. Every once-in-a-while I have some dreams that i have ahard time distinguishing between "real" or not. Thats usually during recall though, i.e. like forgetting that was "just" a dream. Deep cuts? Sorry to ask but have you ever been involved at anytime in your life with the occult? Thats the only time i have heard of those types of things happening. Not to scare you how much do i know? heh.

As far as the third question i know exactly what you mean....i think...
Like you cant tell if you really did those things outside of your body or was that too a dream. I questioned that alot before onetime while I was asleep(during either an OOBE or whatever you want to call it) , i saw my mom coming up the stairs to wake me up in the morning and knew i needed to get back before she came in and woke me up...that for me kinda sealed the deal. That was years ago, but very sure that occured outside of just my own Imagination..However I dont practice trying to do these things, its just kinda natural for me. One possible explination to that however, could be I heard her coming...?

I dont think anyone really has a concrete answer to even what dreaming is. "Science" will never give you an answer, so I just try to stick with what the Bible says on the subject. (which isnt necc. much other then they were serious affairs) Is that to say they all are...not neccesairly

Dont know if that helps or not


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