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Study confirms: San Andreas Fault under immense stress, could produce the BIG ONE

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posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 12:30 PM

A new study confirmed that the southern end of the San Andreas fault near Los Angeles, which has not had a major rupture for more than 300 years, is under immense stress and could produce a massive earthquake.

Scientists who conducted the study, published in the British Journal Nature said in an iinterview, they could not predict when the quake will take place.

Source of the article: CNN, click here for the full story

Though this is a story we were talking about for long, I would say they are starting to pay more attention to it.
It seems as if they want people to be more aware of it. To prepare them?
If course, they say it can happen today, tomorrow or in years.
But the longer the wait, the worse it can be...


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