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How the bushists are scaring us with terrorism. Again.

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posted on Jun, 22 2006 @ 06:38 PM
I was reading an article in one of our weekly magazine Mladina written by Marcel Stefancic jr. I found it quite interesting so I translated and adopted it for ATS. Hope you find it interesting too.
Al-Qaeda attacked America. Again. OK, let's start at the beginning. As we know recently three prisoners in Guantanamo hanged themselves. Three muslims, three “enemy combatants”, two Saudis and one Yemeny. Their representatives and members of humanitarian organisations said they commited suicide out of desperation, because of unbearable, depresing and inhumane life in this American prison, where they were put without any charges, without coverage of Geneva Convention and international laws, incommunicado, without contact with their loved ones and outside world, constantly interogated and humiliated and tortured if needed. All three of them were on hunger strike before. Out of protest. Their suicide was also one form of protest.
The situation must be really hard for a Muslim to hang himself. But of course the bushists used this act to further pursue their agenda. The suicides we just a PR stunt! Just a promotion of the Jihad! It was just a political act to damage Americas reputation in the world. Just another part of holy war against US. Rear admiral and Guantanamo commander Harry Harris stated: “They are smart. Creative. Dedicated. Their and our lives mean nothing to them. This is not an act of desperation it’s an act of asimetric war against us.” Ergo: this three suicides were attack on America.
Old logic, but very well known. As every act of resistance in Iraq is presented as a terrorist act, this suicides were presented like that also. And of course this statement of Harris about “asimetric war” can be easily placed in collection of panbushisms like “Axis of Evil”, “Bring him to me Dead or Alive”, “Iraq has WMD’s”, “Mission Acomplished” or my favourite “Sectarian Violence in Iraq”.
Old story again, heh. So, what’s new? The message. The message that Al-Qeeda is still here. That we are still in the middle of “War on Terrorism”. Aha. If you count out the chaos in warzones (Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine) we hadn’t had any new terrorist attacks lately. But the bushists repacked Guantanamo suicides in Al-Qaeda attack.. And all of the sudden terrorism again became threat no.1 and world problem no.1. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We must not forget that in the beginning of June, one week before suicides, Canada was shaken to the foundation. Terrorists! Police announced that they stopped massive, well organised, spectacular, bombastic terrorist conspiracy. In a big raid they arrested 17 youths which were planing series of terrorist attacks in Canada and prosecutor laid out their sensational plan:
- first, they would storm the canadian parliament
- second, taking MP’s as hostages
- third, asking for withdrawal of Canadian Armed Forces from Afghanistan
- fouth, blowing up Toronto Stock Exchange, hidroplants and Canadian Inteligence Service Headquarter
- fifth, taking over canadian TV network CBC
- sixth, beheading of conservative premier Steve Harper
Whoa! Canadian media - particularly Globe, Mail, National Post and other cheerleaders of Harper’s militant, probushist conservatism – screamed in panic and histeria and turned aprehention of this “terrorists” in spectacular sensation. They blew the situation out of proportions despite that they didn’t know what evidence does prosecution have. The lawyers couldn’t contact them (oh, what a surprise). Youths, “islamist extremists”, actually pure amateurs, got stuck in a canadian version of Guantanamo – incommunicado. In solitary confidement, without contact with their family and the rest of the world – curtesy of canadian anti-terrorist law. Well then they tell us that these youths were under surveilance since 2004. OK. I’m not asking myself, could this bunch of canadian suckers, which disclose their plans on the internet chat room, really behead closely guarded premier, but why did police wait that long? Why didn’t they arrested them earlier? Or better yet, why were they arrested now? Harper beautifully answered this question when he said that with destruction of this terrorist network Canada is in the first line in “War on Terror”. Whatever. They arrested them now, because Harper wants to be closer to Bush (former canadian government critisied Bush’s foreign policy), he wants larger military budget and he want’s bigger canadian military presence in Afghanistan which would be in due time the biggest canadian military mission since WWII. Harper imitates Bush.
Of course bushists quickly consolidated. Look, terrorists on our doorsteps! You see, the danger still exists! “War on terror” is not over! Ergo: canadian bushists created a panic situation that couple of days latter american bushists took advantage of. Look, terrorist attack… close by… practicaly on our soil… in Guantanamo. And let’s not forget that couple of days after destruction of canadian “terrorist network” british police shot dead a “dangerous terrorist” too. Some Muslim postman who was “developing a chemical device”. Police was looking for this device without any chemical protection and that puts this counter-terrorism action in a quite different perspective. And this action was also blown out of the proportions – this time by british bushists. Ironically governments all around Europe peacefully offered solidarity to this new, obviously orchestrated glorification of “War on Terror”, which is borderline fiction. But on the other hand why not. Council of Europe not so long ago disclose that 14 of european countries secretly colaborated with CIA which was silently and illegaly kidnapping people across Europe and then transported them in third countries.
Now where is this perpetual pat position in “War on Terror” coming from? One word. Hatidha. To refresh your memory:
- on November, 19th 2005 US Marines killed 24 civilians with headshots at point blank range more or less ot of revenge for the death on their superior.
- Pentagon tried to cover this up by stating that civilians were killed in IED explosion and crossfire.
- Iraqi, who came there right after the massacre put that on video.
- In January this year Time magazine got a hold of this material and demanded an investigation from Pentagon.
- March 2006. Time magazine article “One morning in Hatidha”
- we have a landslide of accusations that Marines committed a war crime in Iraq
- affair reached boiling point ant the end of May when Pentagon announced that Marines will be prosecuted for murder and neglection of duty, but now for war crimes (you know, Marines were under stress, in dangerous place, they were provoked etc.)
- but rattling of war crimes got louder and we got new accusations and investigations demands (Ishaqi massacre)
- and because stories of war crimes usually buries occupation forces and their Commander in Chief, Bush found himself in the middle of a PR agony. He needed a diversion, a story which will voice over Hatidha and other war crimes. So meet an Iraqi Deamon! Alien - the eight passenger! The Terminator! Keyser Soze! Meet Abu Musab Al-Zarkawi. (my next OP/ED will be about him)
And that’s why we had this sudden June reanimation of terrorism and “War on Terror.”

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posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 02:51 PM
Excellent post!

But I really do not Understand why is it Located in Skunk Works forum?

This is Definetly NOT a Speculative Conspiracy Theory!

This is R E A L I T Y!

posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by Souljah
This is Definetly NOT a Speculative Conspiracy Theory!
This is R E A L I T Y!

Beats me man! I guess I offended someones fragile sensitivities.

posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by yanchek
Their representatives and members of humanitarian organisations said they commited suicide out of desperation...

Of course they'd say that. They aren't going to admit that the terrorists
locked up in GITMO are murderers. They aren't going to admit that the
terrorists freely chose the life they are now leading and therefore put
themselves in GITMO. It wouldn't fit their anti-American agenda to admit
the truth of the situation.

The situation must be really hard for a Muslim to hang himself.

Why? They commit suicide all the time. They blow themselves up all
the time. They kill fellow muslims and themselves in the name of 'Allah'
all the time. So killing themselves in GITMO as part of an act of war
is completely within the behavior patterns of the terrorists.

If you count out the chaos in warzones (Iraq, Afghanistan,
Palestine) we hadn’t had any new terrorist attacks lately

What do you consider 'lately'. Your statement is in error. There
are radical Islamic terrorist attacks all around the world. For a listing
see Also - if there hasn't been any in the USA
lately - it means that the security measures taken since 9/11 are
WORKING. It doesn't mean the threat has disapeared.

Canada was shaken to the foundation. Terrorists!

GOOD! Glad to see that those in Canada who lean to the left
finally figured out that appeasement doesn't work. It only means
the croc won't bite you first as long as you feed (appease) it.

Youths, “islamist extremists”,

18 years of age is Adult.

actually pure amateurs

so what would it take for you to consider them 'professional'?
That their plans and plots would have to have come to fruitation
and Canadians would had to have died?

got stuck in a canadian version of Guantanamo

nope. Got themselves put in prison because of their own actions.

And that’s why we had this sudden June reanimation
of terrorism and “War on Terror.”

No reanimation. Nope. It's been going for decades and
it'll go for decades more. USS Cole ring a bell? WTC attack #1?
Bali bombing? Spain rail bombings? The list goes on and on.
There hasn't been a 'reanimation' and though you are entitled
to your opinion - it fails to hold any water - not even a drop.

posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 03:18 PM

Originally posted by Souljah
why is it Located in Skunk Works forum?

It belongs in PTS. It is just a political, anti-Bush rant. Nothing more.
'bushists' is enough to kick it out of any kind of 'conspiracy' into just
a rant.

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 08:33 AM
FlyersFan, I'm sorry you feel this way...Look at the facts, they're all right in front of you. The war on terror is a conspiracy from the very beginning. 9/11 was orchestrated, 7/7 was orchestrated. It's only a matter of time before they get themselves into another domestic terror case (started by our very own government) and try to take away even more civil liberties.

I don't know about you but I've about had enough of this bs. Any more laws and there might not be a Washington DC anymore.

You have voted yanchek for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have used all of your votes for this month.

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posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 08:47 AM
Really great post yanchek! He's totally right! And I'm waiting you're next op/ed about the boogeyman, al-zarqawi and how he was already dead years ago when they killed him for the second time a few weeks ago.

I would have give you a WATS but i don't have anymore for this month, maybe when you'll write you're op/ed?

Also, Flyerfan, it's sad for you to not research by yourself and face the truth even if you hate it. Courage!

[edit on 26-6-2006 by Vitchilo]

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 03:38 PM
Thank you all for WATS.

OP/ED on Zarkawi is posted as promissed.


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