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Freedom of the Press in Afghanistan!

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posted on Jun, 22 2006 @ 01:50 PM
Can it be any surprise that the Government in Afghanistan is trying to tell the press how it can report certain issues pertaining to the "War on Terror"?

The main points in the paper press journalists not to conduct interviews with Taliban leaders and avoid raising fingers of accusation at the foreign troops presently stationed in all parts of the war-shattered country. The paper says that in the present circumstances, reports regarding Taliban's attacks and interviews of their leaders would weaken the morale of the people. At the same time, editors and general managers of newspapers, news agencies and private radio and TV channels have been directed not to criticise the foreign troops.

The original Kuwaiti News Agency report is here.

So... no matter what happens, whether Occupation troops kill Afghan policemen "by mistake" (oopsy!), or cause a riot in Kabul, or kill a bunch of locals and say they were Taliban (you don't think that kind of thing just happens in Iraq, do you?)

So much for freedom of the press.

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