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9/11 Conspiracy Convention in "NY Times"

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posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 07:34 PM
The "New York Times" on June 05, 2006 published this article on the "Education and Strategy Conference for 9/11 Truth".

Feuer Article "NY Times"

The article is mostly respectful, referring to 9/11 conspiricists as "Skeptics" and "Scientists".

Even the link to "", was given, to allow people who may never have heard of state sponsored terrorism within the U.S. something to read up on.

The contoversial "Loose Change" DVD is also given mention.

There is a plan by the British delegation (such as it is, so far) to get members of Parliament to watch "Loose Change," the seminal movement DVD.

I found this most perplexing, as I firmly believe that the "NY Times" to be a propaganda arm of our cryptocratic controllers.

Could this be a "sanctioned" article that has been put upon the masses to test public reaction?

Could it be what James Shelby Downard referred to as "The Revelation of the Method"? Whereby the most terrible secrets are revealled to an apathetic population, who groks for a few minutes and then loses interest, waiting for the next thrilling installment of our eventual doom.


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