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posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 05:17 PM
I recently had (another) experience with a thing I call (and will continue to call) an Infrid. I believe the more popular name is Ifrit:

I originally posted the experience in the Collaborative Fiction forum simply to document it online. However, it dawns on me that few people who are interested in such things will visit that forum and read the “story”.

For the record I am not seeking a ‘rational (or irrational) explanation’ for this (and other) events, nor am I seeking attention (see my avatar, I have all the Love and Attention I could Ever want *laughs*, in fact, she’s trying very hard to help me type right now…) In short I don’t have time to ‘play’ online.

I just wanted to offer this as ‘evidence’ for people who believe that sort of ‘evidence’.

Also, for the record, I find it very interesting that folks are more than willing to believe in my ‘stories’ Wet Dream and Squirrel Friend:

but will probably have a hard time swallowing this one, even though the situation is Exactly the same (ie. no witnesses, no photographs, No Evidence, just the ‘word’ of yours truly)

For some reason a run in with a bear or an eagle, no problems, a run in with a ‘demon’… hmmm, the bozoboy MUST be stoned *laughs*

Again, make of it what you will, I don’t care. To my knowledge there is no MUFON for Demons. I just wanted to document the event.

First encounters with this thing were in the late 1980’s in the foothills of northern California, next encounters were in the mid to late 1990’s in Petersburg, Alaska, and now, just recently, in New York City.

If you find any of that information helpful to whatever research you may be doing, great. If you found the ‘story’ entertaining, great. If you want to be snitty and rude and debunky about it, bite me. I don’t care. I have nothing to prove, nothing to gain, and I REALLY don’t want or need your attention.

If you have specific questions that may assist you in whatever research you may be doing on said subject, feel free to ask, I’ll reply when time and energy permit… don’t hold your breath. Playing bouncy ball and learning our ABC’s is more important to me right now.

rock on

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 05:40 PM
Well that freaks me out. I never know whether to feel jealous or damn lucky to never have had such an encounter. I'm still leaning toward "jealous" since the closest I've come to a "paranormal" or "unearthly" experience is the rare twinge of deja vu.

I'm always reminded of the line in "Harvey" (one of the greatest films ever) where Dr. Chumley says: "Flyspecks! Flyspecks! I've been spending my life among flyspecks while miracles have been leaning on lamp posts at Eighteenth and Fairfax!"

Thanks for sharing this experience, and keep us updated if anything else happens.

Good luck.

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 09:38 PM
okay, Nola seems content to be eating cheerios and watching cartoons right now, so I’ll take this moment to jot down some of the particulars of the other Infrid events.

The first encounters were probably childhood and I write them off as childhood stuff… the memories are too vague anyway.

The first adult encounter was in 1989, which made me 24 years old. At that time I was living in a barn (no electricity, no running water, and in the middle of Nowhere) To get to said barn you had to go some miles off the beaten path, down three miles of really nasty dirt road, and said road was festooned with signs that said things like “warning, man eating chainsaw” “trespassers will be shot (written with bullet holes, not paint)” and other, less pleasant warnings.

The owner of the property was a crazy old gun guy. ‘nuff said.

He had lots of livestock, cattle, horses, pigs and chickens. Pigs and chickens were up by his place (about a mile from me) Horses and cows were my immediate neighbors.

First incident was the owner asking me what the hell was I doing running around in the pasture with bare feet. I told him I hadn’t (pretty stupid thing to do, actually) He showed me the footprints, I put my foot next it, my foot was a lot bigger, ergo, not my print. Wasn’t his print either. We’re both woodsy farmy guys, so we track the prints. The prints dance around in the middle of one of the cow pastures, but they don’t Come from anywhere, and they don’t Go anywhere, they just Were. It was a muddy time of year, if someone had tromped in on boots it would have left marks… even if they had Tip Toed in, it would have left tracks.

No other tracks accept the ‘dancing’.

Somebody Might have been able to fool me, but not him… he was an OLD woodsy guy, lots of hunting, war stuff, this man could Track.

Some months later, at about 0400 in the morning, he wakes me up, guns blazing and reading me the riot act. Sometime between midnight and four A.M. all of the cattle in one pasture and all of the horses from another pasture switched places.

ALL of them.

There were No holes in any of the fences, none of the gates were open. This was done literally under my very nose while I slept. I was close enough to these animals to hear them chew their cud and fart in their sleep. If I put my ear to it I could hear them flick their ears and swish their tails… remember; I was living in Their barn, and security was Part of the reason I was living there.

He was going to kill me for it and cut me up for pig food, that’s how ticked off he was. I’m positive he wasn’t playing some stupid kid joke (he was definitely an old prankster, but Not when His livestock were concerned).

Third event was again some months later, warm weather time.

The part of the barn I lived in was the upstairs part, ten feet wide, thirty feet long… picture a railroad boxcar on stilts. I had a sofa on one of the ten foot sides, so when I sat on it I sat looking the thirty foot length of the barn. As I sat on the sofa there was a small coffee table against the wall to my right, across from it was an old stuffed chair. On the wall behind the chair (and on most of the walls) was white butcher paper I had put up during the winter to help stop the drafts.

On the coffee table was a kerosene lamp (my primary source of light). I was reading a book by lamp light. (a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories). I looked up from my book to reach for my coffee cup which was sitting on the coffee table next to the lamp. I caught something out of the corner of my eye that didn’t sit right, so I looked to the left:

There was a very clearly defined human sized shadow falling across the chair and onto the wall behind it. I looked at the lamp. No moths, no bugs, no flickering flame, no soot on the chimney. I looked to the left. Very Clear Shadow. Head, arms, torso, and they moved. A profile showed wings coming out of the back. Bat type wings, demon wings, not friendly feathery wings.

The way the lamp was sitting on the table, the edge of the table cast shadow across the bottom part of the chair and the floor, so I couldn’t see where the demon shadow hit the floor, but it didn’t take an ‘A’ in physics or Sherlock Holmes to figure out that Whatever it was, it was standing about three feet in front of me.

Super Terrified Freek Out would be an understatement. Not knowing what to do in the above situation, I do what I pretty much always do when in super terrified freek out mode; I said in a very loud, very calm, very measured voice: “I Don’t Know What You Are, But I Have A Gun And I Am Very Afraid”

To wit the shadow moved towards me, not fast, not slow, just moved. There was a brief coldness on my left cheek and shoulder, not a breeze, just a coolness, and then it was gone.

I sat scared spitless for quiet some time and tried to rationalize what I had just experienced.

After the fact I decided that whatever it was, it was female; the shadow had bumps on the chest and (I think) hips.

Those where the only encounters in California, the next ones took place in Alaska, many years later. However that will have to wait as the cheerios are gone and whatever cartoon is on must be boring because I’m being told in no uncertain terms that I have to stop typing now.

All the stipulations of my original post apply to this one as well. Make of it what you will. I’m going to go play with legos now.

rock on

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 03:14 PM
I'm very interested in this. I'll wait to hear more!

posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 03:43 PM
got a high stress deadline on a project, been pulling a lot of all nighters lately... the project will be locked down this coming thursday regardless of where we're at. I'll need a day or two to get my act together afterwords, then I'll see about putting together a paper on the Alaska Events.

sorry for the delays, thanks for the patience.

rock on

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 02:25 PM
So, this thread got moved over from Crypto Zoology and Mythical Beasts to its new home here in the Skunk Works.

At first I was a little miffed and more than a little confused as to Why that happened, but after a lengthy conversation with the Mods and one of the Three Amigos (and a couple of hours of Much Needed sleep) I find this to be a good thing. Perhaps our conversations can be a bit more far reaching now…

The final reason I was given for the move was that these events center around a “personal experience” and that Skunk Works is the place for discussing “personal experiences” *laughs*

Now then, perhaps you may feel differently about it, but from all of the physics classes and books I’ve digested over the years (and there have been a few) isn’t all of reality a “personal experience” and that there is no “tangible reality” without an observer?

If that is so, then All the threads belong here, right? *grins*

I think that there was something else going on (not a conspiracy) on the part of the Mods and Admins that facilitated the move. Something within the realms of their own ‘personal experience’ lead them to believe this was the correct course of action, and that, despite many hours of conversations with them regarding their decision, they simply weren’t able to articulate their reasoning in a way that This bozoboy could fully comprehend.

But here we are and I’ve decided that I’m happy with the move.

As one person who has been following this thread commented, perhaps more people will see it now.

Then again, perhaps it has been effectively KILLED, too *laughs*

Time will tell.


So I went through my Lazy archive and found a few references to Infrid events in Alaska. They are by no means the sum total of events or conversations surrounding said events that took place there, these are just the few emails I could dig up quickly some years after the fact.

Lazy Letters were a mass email I sent out to friends and family describing my life and times in Alaska. I began writing them in 1997, and continued writing them up until I got married in the winter of 2001.

For a more in-depth description of the Lazy Phenomena see my essay “Write to Wife” in the Essay section of the Torbtown Library.

They were never really intended for a General Audience. Because they were directed at a Target Audience, there are a lot of concepts, subjects, and Language that is of an Adult Nature.

Therefore, I will not be cutting and pasting those emails into a post here at ATS.

However, I feel that those documents are of historical significance. The documents were written as close to the source of the events as it is possible to get. As such, I feel that they may have scientific value. I feel that it would be inappropriate to edit them or take them out of context simply to post them here on ATS.

So I made a web page with the emails in question, and I tacked on some photographs of the fridge and factory to help give you a better feel for the environment these events were taking place in.

By clicking on the link below you will be leaving ATS with all of its safety net Terms and Conditions and you will be entering Torbtown. You got a problem with anything that goes on in Torbtown you take it to ME and leave ATS out of it. They are Not Responsible in way, shape, or form for the things I do on my turf. Contact information for me is easily located on my web site.

My time consuming project gets locked down this coming Thursday. After that there will be some hard core eating and sleeping, followed by a day or two of blowing off steam with ‘the guys’.

Once some semblance of normality returns, I’ll sit down and put together a more in-depth essay of the Alaska events. Perhaps we’ll drift into pan-dimensional teleportation, which is a completely different topic, but hey, it’s Skunk Works! *grins*

rock on

(Again, I'm not opposed to discussing this subject, and will answer any questions you may have when time permits, but if you don't believe, you don't believe *shrugs* I have no intention nor desire to "prove" anything to anyone.)

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 03:02 PM

Originally posted by torbjon
As one person who has been following this thread commented, perhaps more people will see it now.

Now that was one perceptive dude!

Looking forward to your further submissions as time permits.

posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 08:29 PM
I can see there being a ‘credibility issue’ attached to this crazy story, so I just want to volunteer the following information.

I am both ISO and HACCP trained and certified. When you google HACCP don’t let all the FDA web sites that pop up fool you. YES, it’s a system primarily designed for the safe and proper handling of food products, but it also includes employee safety issues, inspection and maintenance scheduling for machinery and equipment, and procedural analysis. I was also trained and certified as a Quality Assurance Technician by Icicle Seafoods.

All of this requires a phenomenal amount of observations, testing, and documenting said observations and test results.

Yes, I write a colorful QA report, but I DON’T embellish, exaggerate, or, most importantly (because lives ARE at stake) Lie.

Life is weird enough as it is, I don’t Need (nor do I want) to make any more of it up.

Unofficially I have many thousands of hours experience documenting my life both in Alaska and here in New York, a very Small percentage of which is available for perusal in the Torbtown Library.

The fact that I haven’t been banned for this Yet (emphasis on the yet… I’m still discussing this with an Admin behind the scenes and am Very Curious where it will end up) should also be taken into consideration.

It is Very Difficult for many people like myself to discuss weird stuff like this. UFOs are more accepted than demons. Demons equal drug induced pink elephants. I Stopped talking and writing about these events while in Alaska due to all the flack I was getting from close friends and family…

If close friends and family will flip me crap for it, imagine how total strangers will treat you *sighs*

Again, these events Did happen. Even I find them WEIRD. I don’t expect or want anyone not interested in such things to spend any time on this.

However, some people do Seriously study and research this type of crap, and it is for their benefit that I wish to document the encounters before I die.

I also still feel that the Cryptozoology and Mythical Beasts forum of ATS is the appropriate location for this information and is the forum where those types of researchers will be looking for it while it sits here rotting in Skunk Works.


he hee heee

being in Skunk Works gives me liberty to burst into song whenever I dam well please woohoo!!

with a doo waa ditty ditty dum ditty doo!!!!

rock on

posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 08:44 PM
I believe you man. It is my belief that life has no boundaries. From all the things that I've read, or presences I've felt throughout my life..I will not even try to discredit you. You're not here to impress anyone
You're just trying to tell us a story, and I thoroughly appreciate that man. Most people would probably tell me "You're 15, so your imagination is getting in the way of reality." Forget that noise. I certainly appreciate yo telling us about these experiences.

posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 09:11 PM

I'm 41, my daughter is 2, and Neither of us is clever enough to make this sort of stuff up...

if we were, we would be writing cheesey dime store novels for a living instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel.

thanks for the feedback.


posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 08:19 PM
I was just informed that the crazy project that has been keeping me up nights is now offically Locked Down and I get to drift back into a more or less normal sleep pattern *dreamy sigh*


I know I have been 'playing, posting, and pestering' off and on these past few days, but to put together a serious essay / 'story' on the remainder of the Alaskan events is going to take a clearer head than I have right now...

I anticipate early next week (Mon/Tue)

thanks for being so patient!!

off to snuggle with my kid... it ain't nap time, but at least my feet will be up *grins*

rock on

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 01:19 AM
After recieving your U2U, still don't know why, I took the offer and read the entire topic with all the links mentioned.

To be honest I don't really find it all that interesting, no offence intended. The squirrel and bear story are events that could happen to anyone. No paranormal/occult phenomena are present within those stories. Why they are mentioned within this topic about "Ifrit" is beyond me.

The experience with the woman leaving the subway on the other platform and then appearing in front of you, on the platform which you were on, is interesting. Combined with the shadow with wings in the barn it becomes a repeating phenemona worth looking at. Normally I'd go for the rational solutions first, but you seem to have eliminated most of them, except for the psychological possibilities.

Still lets assume, for this thread's sake, that there was a being. A shadow with "demonical" wings and the girl on the subway platform with a shadow that also seemed to contain "wings". The biblical demons are portrayed with wings and are like bat wings, but the biblical angelic wings are similiar with stakes like that of a bicycle wheel and the outline of it contains the feathers. Not a nice sight either when they spread their wings fully, but then again their wings are not ment to fly unlike what most people assume.

Daemonic beings, from say the Solomonic Goetia, are not portrayed as the demons from the bible. These beings are more like those of Egyptian mythology where they are part man, part animal and can manifest themselves in front of you as entire animals like a leopard for excample.

My question, before thinking any further, is why do you assume that you're dealing with occasional experiences of an Ifrit? Why do you call it Infrid seeing that that is not a definition used anywhere except by an orthodox church. Could it not be another sort of being such as a succubus or something else. If it was indeed an Ifrit you'd not feel cold when it passed by, but a soaring heat.

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 06:46 PM

sorry you don’t find this interesting… well, no, sorry to be lagging you and wasting your time, actually. I’m not really trying to entertain anybody with this.

I asked you to have a peek at this because I was reading some of your posts in another thread (one about the Necronomicon, I believe) and perceived you to be educated, intelligent, and as I said in my u2u to you, ‘well versed’.

the squirrel and bear story were not included to illustrate anything of a paranormal nature whatsoever, but rather to help illustrate my style of documenting events, how the validity of Those events are seldom (if ever) questioned by anybody anywhere despite the complete lack of ‘evidence’ or ‘additional witnesses’ and yet if I talk about something that does not fit into mainstream reality, suddenly I’m a nut job. *sighs*

For the record, I am not at all opposed to ruling out “psychological possibilities” as a viable solution for these experiences. If I’ve lost my mind then so be it. I would be the Last person on this planet capable or competent enough to form that conclusion.

The little (read that Lot) of information you’ve provided in your post to me here so far leads me to believe that my assumptions about you were correct and I am Very Glad that you have chosen to contribute to this thread.

I perceive your observations to be objective and informed and I value them Very Much. I hope that you will peek back here next week and offer more opinions and information.

I am NOT married to, dead set on, closed minded, hell bent on leather, or determined in any way as to what these events may be. I very much would like to understand them and if “torbjon is a nut job” turns out to be the answer, so be it. I have NO idea what this thing is (or isn’t)

The term “Infrid” came to me via a woman from Yemen. She had an accent, I’m a white trash bozoboy, there were a few communication issues. It wasn’t until much later, when I tried to look up ‘infrid’ that I discovered no such word existed. A little research lead me to believe that she was probably telling me about an Ifrit. By this time however, the word “infrid” had been ingrained into my lexicon and I’ve been thinking of and referring to this thing as ‘infrid’ ever since.

Here you tell that there Is a term ‘infrid’ within the orthodox church. I find this fascinating and educational and again I thank you for contributing to this thread (but mostly just for furthering my education)

You also mention that if it IS an Ifrit, then I would have experienced a heat instead of a coolness in that event that I described. Query: is this assumption based on Lore or from some personal first or second hand experience of your own?

Currently I have a two year old helping me type this… this type of chit chat isn’t that difficult with her help, but recalling past events, searching through my journals for references I made then, and documenting everything to the best of my ability without the omissions of all those ‘little details’ that the scientific community values so much and requires in order to make objective conclusions just isn’t going to happen with her crawling all over me.

I’m being lead to believe that I will be granted some quality ‘torbtime’ this weekend and I will utilize that time to write down the rest of the events to the best of my ability.

Looking forward to chatting with you (or anyone) then regarding these events, but TOTALLY understand if no one is interested.

Again, thank you for taking the time and energy to post here.

Nola says it’s time to go play bouncy ball…

rock on

edit to add to everybody else:

ps, again I need to reiterate, my primary goal here is to simply document the events. Rational or irrational explanations are fine and dandy, but not required. The only ‘rational’ explanations that I can come to are a) I’ve lost my mind or b) I really witnessed something. If you accept choice ‘b’ then discussion on this topic is Great and very welcome. If you lean towards choice ‘a’ (which I think most folks will do) you really don’t need to rub my nose in it. I KNOW it sounds crazy.


[edit on 29-6-2006 by torbjon]

posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 01:19 AM
It isn't so much as not finding it interesting. I explained which aspects I found non-connected to the topic and you cleared up why you added those 2 writings. So let's move onto the "Ifrit".

You also mention that if it IS an Ifrit, then I would have experienced a heat instead of a coolness in that event that I described. Query: is this assumption based on Lore or from some personal first or second hand experience of your own?

This is a logical assumption based upon available lore and personal experience. As some already know, I've been working with various types of beings for several years now (can nearly count the years on one hand though). Ranging from elementals, to Goetic Spirits, Light beings etc.

From all the myths and lore it is known that Ifrit is a being that deals with fire. When I think about this and apply it to other beings of fire that I worked with I always felt a warm to very hot sensation, earth also gives me a calm soothing feeling in the chest etc. If you experienced a cold sensation than:
1. it could not have been Ifrit
2. the myths and lore are incorrect and Ifrit is not associated to the Fire Realm in order to explain the cold sensations that you have.

This is why I asked: After thinking back, is there perhaps another being that you could associated with your experience?

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 08:09 PM

Originally posted by Enyalius
It isn't so much as not finding it interesting. I explained which aspects I found non-connected to the topic and you cleared up why you added those 2 writings. So let's move onto the "Ifrit".

You also mention that if it IS an Ifrit, then I would have experienced a heat instead of a coolness in that event that I described. Query: is this assumption based on Lore or from some personal first or second hand experience of your own?

This is a logical assumption based upon available lore and personal experience. As some already know, I've been working with various types of beings for several years now (can nearly count the years on one hand though). Ranging from elementals, to Goetic Spirits, Light beings etc.

From all the myths and lore it is known that Ifrit is a being that deals with fire. When I think about this and apply it to other beings of fire that I worked with I always felt a warm to very hot sensation, earth also gives me a calm soothing feeling in the chest etc. If you experienced a cold sensation than:
1. it could not have been Ifrit
2. the myths and lore are incorrect and Ifrit is not associated to the Fire Realm in order to explain the cold sensations that you have.

This is why I asked: After thinking back, is there perhaps another being that you could associated with your experience?
I can kind of relate to what you're saying. I don't know anything about myths..and lore and all that..but I do know that they've used Ifrit as a summon in the Final Fantasy RPG games..and he's a fire I see how yo could say he had to of experienced heat. But you're also right in saying that the myths could be wrong. That is why they're myths right?

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 12:29 PM
Again, I’m not married to anything here. If it’s a series of isolated events, non-events, or delusions, great. I really am not that full of myself nor am I that lonely… (I’d Much rather be spending my free time chatting with the commander over in the solar wardens thread)

I’m considering this a mufon report on a demon.

This is a page with a bunch of pictures and maps of the three locations:

if any of that is important.

I could not find the old barn on the google map thingy… which doesn’t really surprise me but it would have been a real kick in the pants to see it. I had a hard time finding the location due to all the urban growth in the area… it looks like they’ve paved and named roads that were only loosely tagged dirt driveways when I lived there.

A lot of the factory pics are for perspective, lay of the land, and illustrate terminology only (that type of curtain, tray, tote size, etc…)

again, none of that is really important unless you wanna try and calculate the shadow casting capabilities of an old goat or the puff factor of a tote frump or something.

The map of the subway platform is just that, the google map of the subway platform. I was standing on the west end of the north platform, two and a half lamp posts from the end of the platform. The person I was watching was on the south platform, walking east.

The following posts are Alaska stuff.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 12:31 PM
Spacing, misplacing, loosing, dropping, and any other “can’t find your gloves” is common any where any when. No big deal.

It’s So common that, in the work environment, there are jokes about it, and less than flattering knick names are created for the individuals that show a propensity to it. So common that statistical data can be accumulated and measured surrounding the mysterious phenomena known as “I lost my gloves”.

In the summer of ’98 the ‘lost glove vortex phenomena’ was noticeably higher and weirder on the cold storage van dock. Usually, a reasonable percentage of ‘I’ve lost my gloves’ gloves turn up on the ground. The number of ‘grounded gloves that fell out of dork butts butt’ was noticeably lower that season. Gloves were instead found stuck behind over head pipes, stuck behind the pipes coming out of the power box in the corner, stashed behind the fire extinguisher, stuffed into nooks and crannies in the forklift, stuffed in one of the metal chocks or old tire rims we used to prop open the packing room door, and other odd places not normally associated with ‘lost glove vortex phenomena’, and it should be noted that in those really ‘weird place’ cases the gloves were always found in matching pairs.

In many of the cases of glove disappearance, it was from the result of “but I Just set them down, right HERE’ (I experienced this myself a few times) and in some of the instances people reported that they could ‘feel’ the gloves being tugged/yanked out of their back pockets. They would then swirl around to ‘catch the guy’ only to find nothing / no one there. Then came the lengthy search for the ‘somebody stole my gloves’ gloves. (I experienced this once, it was kind of spooky, there was only one other guy on the dock at the time and he was in front of me.)

All of this took place during salmon season, so I don’t put much meaning into it. There were more people around then than during off season, some of them were unknown factors, we were all working long hard hours and were punchy, it’s the kind of prank factory freeks would do for grins and giggles anyway so there’s Really nothing too weird about it, etc. etc. etc.

As a bored out his skull tally man in a fish factory, I did notice a change in the pattern of glove loss and retrieval on the cold storage van dock that season, that’s all.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 12:33 PM
All our freezer doors had curtains. You know the type, clear plastic strips that hang to the floor and help keep the cold in. Pictures in the above link show some of the exact ones in question.

The ground floor of the fridge had a long hallway leading straight from the processing facility at one end to holding four at the other end. Holding five sat right next to holding four, so a hard right turn, through the doors into holding five, straight across, and you’re out on the van dock. Four curtains between the dock and the fish house.

The packing room had a door into the hallway between the fish house and holding four. Three curtains between packing room and van dock via freezers.

Everytime some one would pull a tray or drive a tote through a curtain it would make a puff of wind or a vacuum that would echo through the fridge and the curtains would wave back and forth accordingly.

Dropping a big flat object squarely on the ground also generates a nice puff of wind with its own unique characteristics, as well as a lone man running head long helter skelter from one end of the fridge to the other, or the occasional shop guy flying onto the scene from the side door in the hall.

All of these fluffs puffs whumfs, wiggles jiggles and waves were well known to me because Anything flying out of that door from holding five onto that tiny little van dock could kill me.

The only thing you couldn’t really detect coming to kill you were small things, moving at a safe and rational speed.

So, in theory, one small X-Wing fighter Could bring down the death star, if it came in low and slow…

That was downstairs.

The upstairs freezer is similar in layout, curtains over every door, long hallway connecting all of the holding rooms.

The upstairs was off limits to virtually everybody. It was for holding / storing products. At times there would be small crews doing things up there, but usually it would be a ‘lone guy’ getting bait or gel ice or stashing a tote of something.

So, not a lot of traffic, very quiet environment, and the same curtain puff effects.

The floor to both freezers is composed of steel plates, (frozen, -20C) and has a tendency to creak and pop or scrunch when you walk or drive on it.

In early October of 1998 I was on the van dock consolidating some Sujiko. Not particularly difficult, but more than a little stressful… a lot of codes, grades and buyers, all mixed together on the same pallet. I’m re-palletizing the stuff, trying to get an accurate tally. Jamilla is ‘helping’ me (read that bored with her own job so she’s hiding out on the van dock and pestering me while I work)

The curtain to holding five parts and someone walks through… only no one was there. The curtains Parted. Someone walked through. The curtains swung back into place and were still swinging a bit… only No One Was There.

Okay, weird stuff happens alla the time in a fish factory, and I, for one, was more than willing to delude myself into believing that that Never Happened.

Jamillia, on the other hand, has incapable of such delusions. Her reaction was to get agitated and very excited and very very talkative (something I was trying to avoid at all costs)

The two hour ‘conversation’ (read that lecture) that followed consisted of Jamillia telling me about demons and infrids and other invisible things that keep tabs on people and sometimes make mischief.

To be honest, at the time, I thought we were talking about Harvey. I was more interested in getting an accurate egg count and going home than listening to Jamillias patter.

Some days later I’m upstairs in the fridge (alone) and again something walks out of holding eleven (through the curtain) and into holding ten (also through a curtain) and nothing is there. Of course this time Jamillias psycho babble about demons is still fresh in my mind, so of course the hairs on the back my neck stand up and all I can think about are zombies and soul suckers and other bits of irrational nonsense that gives me the creeps.

Then the events documented in the lazyletter, (where I see a shadow) go down and I tag the thing ‘Infrid’.

Some days later and there is another shadow event, similar to the first one, only this time I’m a) in a different van pit so the light was a little better and b) there was no old forklift in the van with me to add its shadow to the confusion. Just me, my pen, my clipboard, and a wall of white boxes in the nose of a van, along with a pair of shadows on the wall of boxes. The ‘something’ else shadow was at first large and undefined, but then grew smaller and clearer as whatever was casting it appeared to be walking down the van towards me.

I exited the van, closed the doors, turned it on, closed up all the other doors, turned off all the lights, and went home. They didn’t pay me enough to shadow box with a demon.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 12:34 PM
In November of 1998 I noticed the first set of footprints in the frost on the floor of the upstairs freezer. They were small, bare, human looking footprints. They didn’t seem to come from anywhere, or go anywhere, they just appeared, danced around for a while, then disappeared.

ANYbody tough enough to spend any amount of time running around barefoot in my fridge was alright in my book. I was one tough old freezer rat, and you wouldn’t catch Me doing that. Whoever made those prints, be it demon or prankster, had really tough feet or some type of frozen foot fetish.

Tracks continued to appear off and on over the course of the next few months. No one was ever caught in the act nor admitted to doing it. This from an island full of bored guys who Love to Talk. I can’t imagine a prank of this magnitude going unclaimed by someone somewhere if there was a human element involved.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 12:36 PM
As mentioned, the Namco was twitchy. Sometimes it was more twitchy than at other times. Something that was never twitchy about it was the fact that the thing was a rattle trap. It simply wasn’t silent even if it was being towed or pushed. Another thing that never broke on it was its deadman switch. The Namco had a pedal you had to stand on (and you really had to lean on it) in order to get the thing to work. If you didn’t lean on the deadman, the Namco wasn’t going to go anywhere or do anything.

Obviously, we tried many things to bypass that certain bit of ‘safety’ equipment to no avail. A 50 pound box of fish just wasn’t heavy enough. A larger box of fish didn’t leave any room for an operator. There was nothing to wedge a stick against or anything to tie off to. That deadman switch was a royal pain in the knee for everybody who used the Namco.

Early 1999 it’s herring season, and I’m upstairs with the Namco stashing totes of herring. I would back the Namco into holding nine, which was directly across from the elevator. That way when the elevator came up the Namco would be facing the right direction for me to just hop on it and go to work…

I had been doing this for a while and was in a real good rhythm. Then I glitched a tote and fell behind by a minute or two. Needing to get the elevator unloaded and down again asap, I drove the Namco straight into holding nine knowing full well that that was ‘backwards’ and that I would have to spend a minute turning the beast around again before I could use it…. but I didn’t have that minute ‘now’, so I would do it ‘later’.

I unloaded the elevator, sent it down, went and hopped on the Namco and put the totes away, backed the Namco into holding nine and got ready for the next load to come up…

Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t turned the Namco around…. I just went and hopped on it like I’d been doing for hours… only it should have been facing the other way and I should have had to have spent a minute or two turning the beast around…

I chalked it up to me being frost bit and brain dead and tried not to dwell on it.

Some hours later I again go through the motions of my routine, only now the Namco isn’t in holding nine. A brief search of the fridge and the Namco turns up in the corner of holding eight. This is a Very Strange place for it to be no matter HOW it got there. How a human moved it without making the “I’m being stolen” rattle is beyond me.

Fortunately, my shift was about over, so I threw that spooky feeling away, hopped on the Namco, and stashed totes for another hour… however I did not let the thing out of my sight again for the rest of my shift.

After herring people start to show up for summer salmon… unknown elements start to appear on the island and within the factory. Weirdness still goes on throughout the summer, but I tend to dismiss the summer insanity stuff… too many variable, too many unknown people.

Off season, when it’s just our little core group of local people, weird stuff was much easier to identify and track, and had a much more lasting impression.

Weird stuff during season would be things like totes stacking themselves into a pyramid… if you looked at the pictures you saw that we stacked stuff in rows and columns… stacking things into pyramids is a time consuming waste of space. I wouldn’t put it past a bored co-worker to spend some hours totally rearranging one of my holdings in a highly inefficient manner… How said co-worker pulled it off without getting caught in the act AND how said co-worker managed to keep said act of rebellion a secret, are, in my opinion, just a big a mystery and just as worthy of study as ‘a demon did it’.

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