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THIRD Saddam Defence Lawyer Murdered!!

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posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 07:07 AM
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It’s worth pointing out that not a single prosecution lawyer or witness has been murdered yet. The tally is now at least 3 intelligent people’s lives for one man’s show trial; but at least he made it to court this Monday.
I wonder would saving three peoples lives be worth conducting the Iraqi trial in an international court? Who here is prepared to see more peoples lives being killed just so that the filth (that is our government) can conduct its try in Iraq? (i.e outside an international court).
And if it is an Iraqi trial; then I never new a trial needed so many assassins. When murder (and the fear of it) becomes a dominant factor in any trial anywhere in any place in the world; then in my opinion its ceases to be a trial. I.e. for some (apparently incredible) reason we (U.S and Britain) have failed to bring Saddam to justice in a functional court of a law; and that’s assuming Saddam’s claims don’t hold at least some water that this isn't a proper court of law at all.
Would we have done justice if we had put large numbers Jews in charge of judging the people at Nuremberg? Because so long as Shiite judges are judging Saddam I think this is a fair par ell that should be at least noted (no doubt it will be by all fair accounts of history).

My question is this…
Are the people dressed up as policemen who murdered a man defending (only what another would have to do) the police?
Yes; that is to say are you sure that the killers are terrorists; or do you like me wonder if these terrorists are the police.

Certainly if I was an Iraqi I would call just about any terrorist was my government. Because if they are part of a local militia then they have a chance of protecting me and my family, they can kill me if I don’t follow their law (even if it is only for speaking my mind in an area they control).
This sounds to me a hell of a lot more powerful than some appointed fart; sitting behind one of Rumsfeld bums inside The Green Zone (shielded from the reality of our New Iraq).

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