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The most dangerous race in the world!

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posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 06:22 AM
Many of you will have heard of the 'Isle of Mann tt races'

for those of you that havent, its the worlds biggest most prestigious and dangerous race.

Depending what class you race in the 37 mile course has an average of 4 laps with bikes reaching speeds over 200 mph and averaging 130 mph across the overall that doesnt seem to crazy until you realisze its done on public roads!!

heres a quick clip of the action..

Sadly the event (which takes place in the first 2 weeks of june) is always shadowed by the deaths of riders and ocassionally spectators who are allowed to ride the course at any speed they want; over the mountain section, on a day called 'Mad sunday'

With the 100th aniversary coming up next year, there are no signs of the event stopping and having been 3 times to the island i for one thing it is amazing and one of (if not 'thee' greatest) motorcyle event in the world!

my best friend has raced there 3 times and finished secon every time, the last being becasue he was in third and 2nd place crashed and got killed.

I hate him doing it but admire the nerve and determination it takes to even crack a 100mph average lap, not forgetting that riders were doing this in the 50's on antiquated machinery with rubbish handling and suspension.

3 riders have already died this race and i wondered what readers thought of this crazy event?

I personally believe that if you accept the rule of 'live by the sword you die by the sword' then crack on and give it your best shot!

oh and by the way, the spectators just sit at the side of the road on the pavement!!

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 12:42 PM

The most dangerous race in the world!

It has to be the human race!

2 cents

posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 07:30 AM
the most dangerous race in the world is actually the algiers international press club anuall cross country orrienteering and scavenger hunt event .

the format is simple - each competor has a list of way points to visit and objects to collect along the way over a 10km course winding through algiers

the rules are even simple

1 - each runner must be a foregn national AND accredited jornalist

2 - each runner must carry a 1 m * 2 m banner of his nations flag -- clearly visible @ all times

3 - each runner must sung / hum or play a pre recording of his nations national athem loud enough to be heard at a range of 30m

4 - no runner may recieve any help or assistance from any 3rd party , or other runner

5 - the algerian police . army etc are prohibited from taking any measures to protect competitors

strangly in the 10 years since the 1st race was propiosed -- no one has EVER entered

i guess the reported 1 minutite life expectancy for an unprotected foreign journalist puts the yellow bellies off

that ladies and gents - is the most dangerous race in the world

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 02:24 PM
I am a nut for motorsports and that's what came to mind soon as I saw 'dangerous race'.

You wanna talk about Dangerous? In the early 80's there was an FIA sanctioned rally-car specification known as 'Group B'. The weight of these cars was unrestricted, the construction could be of any material and the power output of the engine had no limit. By 1986, Audi's S1 quattro rallycar was pushing over 600HP and the quickest accelerating Ford (claimed 0-60 in 2.1s) ever was created for racing in Group B.

If you've ever seen those old videos of the cars FLYING down dirt roads with spectators literally jumping out of the way, chances are you saw some Group B action. Group B racing was banned in 1987 by ther FIA due to the tragic deaths of three drivers in the final two years. Not to mention how many spectators have been killed in it's time, unable to get out of the way of these cars.

The Best of Group B

And if you REALLY wanna talk deadly... check out the Dakar rally (formerly the Paris-Dakar).

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