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Anti-Camera tech

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posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 07:36 PM

----From Source ----

Anti-Camera' System Blocks Unwanted Digital Photography
The Georgia Institute of Technology reports that researchers have completed a prototype device that can block digital-camera function in a given area.

"The small-area product could prevent espionage photography in government buildings, industrial settings or trade shows. It could also be used in business settings -- for instance, to stop amateur photography where shopping-mall-Santa pictures are being taken.

The system works by looking for the reflectivity and shape of the image-producing sensors used in digital cameras." You can hear more about it in today's show on


-- 'Privacy zone' blocks camera phones - Iceberg Systems' Safe Haven, testing in 2003, could automatically switch off camera phones to protect industrial secrets and private areas.

--- Source Ends ----

I was listening about this on CBC radio Ottawa. Pretty enginious, and very basic aswell. Simply sends the same signal back that the light and focus sensors on a camera sends out, and 'confuses' the camera into focusing wrong, and over-exposing the image because it has no idea how much light is out there.

Contrary to the article, CBC was explaining that it was designed to stop video pirates from filming movies at screenings. And to ensure that artwork that isnt supposed to be photographed, isnt.

Though... it seems this will have a greater implication to the government to make sure we dont take pictures of whatever they are trying to hide.

The hilarious thing... it can only stop digital cameras, and digitally assisted cameras... it cant stop a good old 35mm manual camera.
Old tech wins again!


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