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Definition Of "What Comes Around Goes Around"

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posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 05:04 PM
HAHA i absolutely love this...

In my town were i hang out is a guitar shop i say guitar shop its more of an all round instrument shop but anyways,

The owner there is a complete A-hole he’d kick ya out if you looked at him wrong and there’s (well was) another guy that worked there dead sound lad terrence and benny (the owner) used to bully the hell out of him and treat him like crap to the extent he nearly had a mental breakdown , so today i was there with my 2 buddies messing with the drums and pianos and stuff,

So it was closing time , terrence was closing up and us 3 were the only ones in the shop and he told us why he was going to leave his job of 8 years and he said cause benny (the owner) treated him like to a lesser extent crap, then he delivered the news that benny ..... WAS A PEDOPHILE ..and was embarrassed to work at the shop

So terrence is going to tell his solicitor that benny is paedophile because i think he found pictures on his pc while he was doing a mark up or something alone those lines
And has told everyone in the town ,now this town doesn’t take kindly paedophiles ,last paedophile ironically lived across the road from the shop and when it was discovered he was One he got a hatchet in the door and till the end of the day to leave the town
and benny already has got his windows smashed

now Mr.benny is going to jail even if doesn’t he’s going to lose all his business cause everyone hates him anyways and in the words of terrence

"next it will be petrol bombs and there f****n different from a few smashed windows"

And that my friends is the Definition Of "What Comes Around Goes Around"

All because he couldn’t treat someone with the respect they deserved


[edit on 19-6-2006 by Marto_Bagg]

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 05:09 PM
Damn, I wouldn't want a guy like Benny within a million miles of where I live
. Correction, within a billion miles.:shk:


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