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Murtha Personally Attacks Rove's "Big Fat Backside"

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posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 12:38 PM
US Representative John Murtha (D-PA), besieged by many for his stand on US involvement in Iraq, yesterday launched a personal attack on Karl Rove during an interview on NBC's popular Meet The Press" news segment.
Commenting on Karl Rove's remarks in a speech in New Hampshire where he charged that Democrats are "wrong, profoundly wrong" in wanting to cut and run in Iraq, an increasingly rabid anti-war Congressman John Murtha resorted to a personal attack on Rove on Sunday.

"He's in New Hampshire, he's making a political speech. He's sitting in his air-conditioned office on his big fat backside saying, 'Stay the course,'" said Murtha, D-Pa., in an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Obviously rattled by criticism from Rove, Murtha said: "I disagree completely with what he's saying. We need to change direction. We can't win a war like this. This guy's sitting back ... getting paid by the public taxpayer and he's saying to us that we're winning this war ... we've got to change direction. You can't sit there in the air-conditioned office and tell the troops fighting in Iraq that we have to stay the course.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Murtha has been under increasing criticism from his constituents and his fellow congressmen for his "cut and run" approach to Iraq. He accuses Rove of "getting paid by the public taxpayer", yet he forgets who cuts his own paycheck.

Regardless. To retreat from Iraq at this point, or to declare a date for withdrawal, would be pure folly.

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