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UK Bases Not so secret anymore

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posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 01:10 PM
I was looking for google earth pictures of the US base and Airfield in Al Najaf, Iraq when I stumbled across this very interesting site discussing British secret installations all across the british Isles . . .

The village of Ashby-de-la-Launde in Lincolnshire sounds like the location for one of those Sunday night Midsomer Murder dramas on TV. It is actually the location for RAF Digby, once known as RAF Skopwick after another village nearby. It used to be labelled as yet another of those "disused airfields".

He goes to great lenghs to show everyone pictures of British Bases from the sky, all thanks to the the Internet

Intergod We salute you

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 06:09 PM
great find.. nearest one is over 50miles away from me though

The nearest base to me (thats not secret) just houses RAF personel for the local aredromes. The most interesting thing that happens there is nutty fly boy copter pilots flying about 10ft above the ground.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 06:35 PM
I just love the reference to Abbey Wood - IF anyone has been near the place then they might notice the 6m long signs painted in the road. They read MOD and have a Bold left arrow leading into the filter lane for the location.

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 05:03 AM
100+ views and only 2 replies cmon guys, when its US americans, we rus ht oit but when its our fellow brit no one gives two craps ?? lol


posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 05:17 AM
I think it's because "secret bases" here in the UK really arent secret at all. You can't walk more than an hour here without generally ending up somewhere else, not like the USA where you could walk for days and possibly even die from being completely lost in some forest.

posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by dawa
I think it's because "secret bases" here in the UK really arent secret at all. You can't walk more than an hour here without generally ending up somewhere else, not like the USA where you could walk for days and possibly even die from being completely lost in some forest.

Yep. Roads everywhere in the UK, or if you get stranded in some field you'll get shot at by a farmer or something.
But good find, I'll check it out later.

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 04:53 PM
Actually this thread touches something i find a bit interesting. First thing i did after installing google earth was to browse the area north of Las Vegas in order to find Area 51. It showed up pretty quickly and the images are crisp. After the first excitement had gone i kinda though...would the goverments allow anything really interesting in google earth at all? And now i´m kinda like...if i can see it at google earth or any other mapservice for that matter i might as well move on cause if it shows up there´s obviously nothing "secret" to see. Granted, a lot of the facilities (like area 51) got underground structures that will not show up but since they are underground they are either way kinda off limits for satelite imagery.

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 05:04 PM
In this day when any civilian can purchase satellite imagery there are no more massive secret bases in terms of where they are located. But as to what goes on at these sites are still very secret. Until we can see through walls and many feet of earth and concrete from space.

Sure the public knows where AREA 51 is but try to find out what projects they are working on right now
good luck. Satellites are easy to track and they know good and well when one is over head snapping pictures so your never going to catch anything outside they dont want you to see.

Its the same with Russia's Yamantau mountain we know where it is we can clearly see them hollowing out a massive undergrond structure under that mountain but we have know clue whats going on in there in in that most important regard these bases are still very secret.

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 05:10 PM
Yeah, kind of think of it like that Simpsons episode where Burns steals the "1 Trillion Dollar Bill" and the Feds hire Homer to get it and they tell him, "We've studied the mansion extensively using our super-expensive spy satellite network... And all we've discovered is that the bill... is not on the roof."

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 06:43 PM
There are some very interesting and more remote UK/US bases located on the UK northern Isles as well as many arctic and antarctic isles. Some stange sights in Northern Canada/Newfoundland as well. Keflavik has a very secret air base with a huge hill side entrance for ??? very close by. Google earth is freaking amazing. And Im sure there is some things the goverment overlooked when considering the scale of Google Earth. Hell they cant keep the whole world in check. Im sure there is a slip up or two if we look close enough.

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posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 01:48 AM
USA reporting: I've seen google of an orb fleet out west (CA,USA (?)) and an orb in
Florida, USA posted but do not have link.
No indication of a base that I can recall.

It Came From The Planet Garage - A possible answer for some of the Orange County Sightings. (External Link)

Early Jan - Newburgh, Indiana

Jan 4th - Visalia, Central California
Jan 7th - Burien, Washington
Jan 9th - Tracy, California
Jan 10th - Louisville, Kentucky
Jan 15th - Aliso Viejo, California
Jan 15th - Aliso Viejo, California
Jan 15th - 4 Miles East of Catoosa, Oklahoma
Jan 15th - Rochester Hills, Michigan
Jan 16th - Ithaca, New York
Jan 18th - Chester, Richmond, Virginia
Jan 18th - Chester, Richmond, Virginia
Jan 18th - 40 Miles South-East Of Sonora, California
Jan 20th - Chester, Virginia
Jan 20th - Near Sonora, California
Jan 23rd - North Phoenix, Arizona
Jan 24th - Southeast Of Chicco, California
Jan 24th - Roanoke, Roanoke County, Virginia
Jan 24th - San Antonio, Texas
Jan 26th - Chester, Colonial Heights, Virginia
Jan 26th - Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Jan 31st - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jan 31st - Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Feb ?? - Orange, Orange County, California
Feb ?? - San Antonio, Texas
Feb 7th - 56th Street, Hendricks County, Indianapolis, Indiana
Feb 8th - Chester, Virginia
Feb 8th - Los Angeles, California
Feb 8th-11th - Roseville, California
Feb 9th - Pleasant View, Utah
Feb 11th - Sierra Nevada
Feb 12th - Aliso Viejo, California
Feb 12th - Mission Viejo, California
Feb 13th - Evergreen, Colorado
Feb 13th - San Antonio, Texas
Feb 14th - Chico, California
Feb 16th - San Diego, California
Feb 16th - San Jose, California
Feb 18th - Roseville, California
Feb 21st - South East Kansas
Feb 23rd - In Flight from JFK Airport, New York - Florida
Feb 23rd/24th - Chester, Virginia
Feb 26th - Mount Cobb, Pennsylvania
Feb 26th/28th - Scottsdale, Arizona
Feb 27th - I-30 West, Fort Worth, Texas
Mar ?? - Fauquier County, Virginia
Mar 1st - Dallas, Texas
Mar 1st - Weston, Florida
Mar 5th - Chatsworth, California
Mar 6th - Beaumont, Texas
Mar 7th - Chester, Virginia
Mar 8th - Panama City, Florida
Mar 8th - Weston, Florida
Mar 9th - Watson, Louisiana
Mar 10th - Raytown, Missouri
Mar 10th - San Mateo County, California
Mar 11th - Oceanside, California
Mar 12th/13th - North Scottsdale, Arizona
Mar 13th - Modesto, California
Mar 15th - Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 16th - Altoona, Kansas
Mar 18th - Oceanside, California
Mar 20th - Dennis, Massachusetts
Mar 20th - Syracuse, New York
Mar 21st - Kokomo, Indiana
Mar 21st - North Judson, Indiana
Mar 21st - Southside Of Kokomo, Indiana
Mar 21st - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Mar 22nd - Tippecanoe County, Lafayette, Indiana
Mar 25th - Campbell, California
Mar 26th - Lake O' The Pines, Texas
Mar 26th - Stillwater, Oklahoma
Mar 27th - Hazel Park, Michigan
Mar 29th - East Of Battle Ground, Indiana
Mar 29th - Kokomo, Indiana
Mar 29th/30th - Marion/Sweetset, Indiana
Mar 30th - Broadway & Lemon Springs, North Carolina
Mar 30th - Franklin, Massachusetts
Mar 30th - Kokomo, Indiana
Mar 31st - Santa Cruz, California
Apr ?? - Arlington, Virginia
Apr ?? - DesMoines, Iowa
Apr 2nd - Fairview Heights, IllinoisJune 19th 2006
Apr 2nd - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Apr 3rd - Playa del Rey, California
Apr 4th - Somerset, Massachusetts
Apr 5th - Temple City, California
Apr 7th - Seneca Falls, New York
Apr 13th - East Bay Blvd., Navarre, Florida
Apr 14th - North Dakota
Apr 15th - Camden County, Georgia
Apr 15th - Columbus, Georgia
Apr 18th - Temple City, California
Apr 19th - 35-40 Miles Southwest Of Grissom AFB, Indiana
Apr 19th - San Francisco, California
Apr 20th - Caruthers, California
Apr 20th - Walton, Indiana
Apr 24th - Del Mar Escondido, California
Apr 26th - Chatsworth, California
Apr 26th - Modesto, California
Apr 27th - Flying into JFK Airport, New York, NY
Apr 28th - Malo, Washington
Apr 29th - Mira Loma, California
May ?? - Austin, Texas
May 1st - Stewartsville, Virginia
May 3rd - Kelseyville, California
May 6th - San Fernando, California
May 10th - Harnett County, North CarolinaJune 16th 2006
May 11th - East Of Elgin, Texas
May 13th - Crockett, Virginia
May 13th - Crockett, Virginia
May 15th - Los Angeles, California
May 15th - Paloma, Arizona
May 16th - Oroville, Washington
May 24th - 50 Miles South Of Des Moines, Iowa
May 25th - Cuver City, Los Angeles
May 27th - Fisherville, Kentucky
May 27th - West Bend, Wisconsin
May 28th - Near Hamilton Dome, Wyoming
May 28th - Aliso Viejo, California
May 29th - Dinwiddie, Virginia
May 29th - Oakland, CaliforniaJune 12th 2006
Jun (various) - Nogal, New MexicoJune 14th 2006
Jun 2nd - Southern Cumberland County, North CarolinaJune 12th 2006
Jun 6th - Daytona Beach, Florida
Jun 8th - Lake O' The Pines, TexasJune 12th 2006
Jun 17th - Chester, VirginiaJune 21st 2006
Jun 17th/18th - Mt. Pleasant, MichiganJune 19th 2006
Jun 18th - San Pablo, CaliforniaJune 20th 2006
Jun 18th - Southern State Parkway, Hempstead/Baldwin, New YorkJune 25th 2006
Jun 19th - Hi-way 97, 40 miles North of Bend, OregonJune 20th 2006
Jun 19th - Greensboro, North CarolinaJune 20th 2006
Jun 20th - Spring City, UtahJune 24th 2006
Jun 21st - Winchester, CaliforniaJune 24th 2006
Jun 23rd - Chester, VirginiaJune 24th 2006

The main page found in a search:

List of usa sightings in 2006:

A report given from long island NY:

posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 01:53 AM

posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 04:18 AM
The earth is a big place and i can agree on that something is bound to slip through but not the really hush hush stuff. Don´t get me wrong, i still find google earth to be a great tool in this regard and for anyone planning a field trip it´s the perfect supplement for research and it´s also great for learning about structures and so forth.

Interesting story on the orb observations. Would love to see that google image of a whole fleet!

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 09:37 AM
florida ufo

google florida ufo

the orb or foo from the foofighters.... wwii do not know if any were shot down

the page I found had a still of this plus a fleet of foo in a long line like

street lights up in the air and bare mountaneous terrain below

fleet of foos over california

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