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Fear mongering is big business (Personal Commentary)

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posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 12:20 PM
After reading alot of different views and opinions on the subject of terrorism ,it always strikes me at how naive the counter terrorism idealogues are. I am sure their heart is in the right place but when you don't think critically I think it adds to one big accumulative trainwreck of street teaming for things you find vile and evil. Which is bizarre in a sense and I will explain that in detail.

Why is it that so many people still don't understand the more you demonize someone the more publicity you give them exponetially for their efforts? I am curious to know what is it about the Counter Terrorist fetishists that gives them the impression that they are not doing P.R. for them?

Because I really believe you are with these photo shop filtered National enquirer type headlines and snarky comments. Oh, you really showed them. Incidentally where would you be without Osama/Saddam/Chavez/ hell even Jimmy Carter. (But he's not a terrorist. you arent thinking like them)

You know what it reminds me of? Focus on the Family is always giving publicity to the Homosexual Rainbow Agenda. They are fascinated with everything Gay to a level we could never comprehend or fathom. This is almost bordering on a homosexual level of fascination with Terrorists and Dictators and Despots all on the same playing field. Notice the pictures and the photos and the quotes. It's all very homosexual in nature to constantly obsess every detail over a Terrorist or a strapping regime.

My personal theory is that counter terrorism merchants/writers etc are in dire need of a nemesis. It's in their DNA to avenge some great injustice to their country as they self righteously see it. But I really think the more you mention someones name in anger or rage you are giving credence to their cause and action as time marches on.

Osama BiN laden was no dummy. He was like Hannibal Lecter. He knew what hot buttons to press to get a emotional reaction. Think of all the time and energy they have given to Osama Bin Laden early on. Do you see where this is great P.R. for anyone to be seen as a threat such as Osama? In the end you helped make him the biggest Martyr the middle east has seen in literally a century,hands down.

How much time has the right given to Hugo Chavez? Without even knowing him just going on gossip. It's amusing and sad at the same time. And the tirades on Liberal Agenda siding with the terrorist because they don't agree with you you just have to love it. And then it dawns on me in a basking blinding mystical light.

It's a schtick. These writers/xenophobic merchants need to maintain a income and when you don't have a visible threat you have to conjure it over and over. Like some constant loop of rage to get a emotive reaction and attention for "Evil" that wants P.R. anyways. Remember the wood chipper story? Armchair enthusiasts bask as they tell the horrifying tales of Saddam's genocidal woodchipper.

You know Roth was right about his movie Hostel. Western Culture is fascinated with torture and sadism but hiding under the banner of "Despicable How could Saddam put people in a woodchipper WHY I NEVER..." And then going to repeat it over and over fixated on it erotically with a river of saliva in their mouth.

But the joke ultimately is on the Fear Merchants. Ever since their crusade against terrorism on the web, they helped people become martyrs in hyper speed with message boards,op ed pieces, VLog's and Blogs and Exclusive Footage. It's like one big Xenophobic circus trouncing the Foreign Freaks meanwhile their P.R. makes them near gods and the Counter Terrorism press fades with every passing blow. Your hatred made them avatars.

No different than Michael Moore. Fetishists for their fears. Why? Because it's a lifestyle. And if you really get down to it they need these boogey men to survive to make sustainable income. Afterall is said and done it always goes back to what people want to believe is true rather than truth itself.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 02:53 PM
I am turning this also into a open Fear Merchant favorite story thread as well.

Favorite Fear Merchant story:

"The suitcase nukes in the United States near N.Y. or near the Border of Mexico." The way pundits weave their story without nothing credible. What do they always toss in as the lure? "My sources say " or my favorite "An intelligence briefing that I can't disclose or discuss any further"

This is classic on all levels. It's so simple it's brilliant. Just add conjecture hearsay and accusation if you dont have anything concrete and look angry. It's amazing how people declare themselves experts in a field and toss such tripe as this to national and credible media. And actually have the audacity to complain "Why aintcha cover it LIBERAL MEDIA? Scared of da truth? Commie Leftist Im on to you?"

Good Lord someone needs to do a documentary on these Fear Charlatans. If you are a documentarian I think I may have helped you with a new idea on soemthing that needs to be discussed.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 07:33 PM
Unfortunatly most people are fools they will blindly follow political leaders like ants follow the queen. Fear mongoring keeps people under control and in some cases is neccisary unfortunatly. Look at Iraq before and after there was no civil war when Saddam Hussein was in power why? Because he kept his people in line and under control. Now the country has plunged into a civil war in which more people in the last few year have died in unnecissary violent acts from not only their own but from coalition forces as well. More people have died since this war began then anytime under Saddams regime.

I am not saying Hussein was a nice guy or anything but he did something that no one else has done as of yet and that is control his population and the only way to keep the tension under control between Sunni and Shia was infact fear mongoring.

Every country uses it and have for the entire history of humanity. Even religeons do this look at Christianity for example they keep their sheeple coming in to church why? Because they say they are the only to salvation and all others who do not praise Jesus and their God will burn.


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