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can you help me find this documentary? interview on changing people through education

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posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 09:12 AM
I was thinking about a documentary-interview I had watched years ago, can't remember the name of it, or who was being interviewed (was about an hour long), but I wanted to watch it again. It had some interesting conspiracy related agendas affixed with the education system of america. Was hoping someone out there has seen it and can help me out.

The whole video is an interview with an older banker (think it was shot in the early 80's, just a guess). The guy wanted to tell his story before he died, the accumulation of his knowledge found while working in the banking system, and later with the government.

From what I can remember, he starts working in a bank (in America, I'm guessing the 30's?), and progresses up the ladder quickly. He gets asked to find a way to enhance the banking system, and spends 2 years coming up with a plan showing all the inadequacies in it. After bringing the problems forward, he is promoted to a cushy job with lots of pay to keep quiet. He soon gets bored and leaves to be a financial planner.

Later, he is asked to head up a governmental panel to find info on a number of older corporations in America (they had familiar names, can't remember any specifics). He goes to a number of them to find they have secret agendas, some of which stem back to the early 1900's.

One in particular was about a company that researched how to change the direction/attitude of a nation (something like that). Their first conclusion was through war, and the guy being interviewed said these documents dated back just before world war I. Later research showed the best way was through the education system, and they formed some national council for education.

If any of this rings a bell to anyone, let me know. I would love to watch it again and get some insight as to what others think about it.


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