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Another writing from me

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posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 02:56 AM
“ When the war of the world does finally come,
Many will die from the new rising sun’s.
As darkness falls, hunger begins to rise,
Death at a scale never before seen with human eyes.

The Lord will not come to save your soul’s,
Evil will reign as darkness falls.
From civil to savage, mankind has become,
His soul has been raped, in his head there is none.

What to do, death everywhere,
It will not help to cry out in despair.
You must move on shelter to find,
Don’t expect help, no such thing left as ‘kind’.

Mankind has arrived to see his result,
Where were the people to start a popular revolt.
The seed of evil planted long ago, grew,
It happened so slowly that no one even knew.

But now it had blossomed and spread it’s evil seed,
For more plants to grow, more evil for it to feed.
When will it stop, lessons were not learnt,
Power was corrupted, power wasn’t earned.

Mankind, so great, a wonderous civilization,
Shall perish in time along with the Atlantean.
The evil that began in the Garden of Eden,
Has poisoned mankind, with it’s fruits it did feed them.”


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