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Some writings from Melbourne_Militia

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posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 02:54 AM
How gutless we were to not make a stand,
When the power was still in the peoples hands.
We thought it wouldn’t happen, it couldn’t be real,
But now we see it, now it we feel.

The sign’s were there from the start,
They played with our mind’s and played with our heart’s.
Under the banner of patriotism our rights were stripped,
Now a once proud America’s soul out has been ripped.

Our chance was there to vote them out,
Now we wail and moan – scream and shout.
Democracy by name, not by nature,
Dictatorial rule by a man with no stature.

Lie’s we were fed all along,
While the food ran out, all nearly gone.
Our son’s have been sent to foreign lands,
To fight their war, in blood colored sands.

Our past policies have created the present danger,
Our current will make a friend a future stranger.
A war fought in darkness, in oil, in blood,
Sends our dead sons home, like a death filled flood.

“ We were doing our duty! “, was the cry,
How many didn’t know that they would soon die.
It had some support whilst it stayed in the sands,
But not when it spread to other lands.

The poisonous seed of “our democracy” we sowed,
In the dry desert lands where it’s never snowed.
Didn’t flower – didn’t bloom,
Spread like a weed of death, from room to room.

Now years have passed since “ it “ all began,
Who would’ve believed it’d affect every child, woman and man?
That weed of death has now reached our door,
The once great USA – where democracy is no more.

No civil defences, anarchy reigns,
Bodies pile up and fill the trains.
A gamble we took with our might and our pride,
Because of greed and corruption a great nation has died.

Long live the spirit that built this land,
For you were all shafted hard by your dear Uncle Sam!

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