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Remember eric julien: well you are all just gonna love this

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posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 02:16 AM
so remember the whole Savelives in may thing with eric julien? well i just went on his site to see what was up..and when i started the thread about the may 25th incident we all were left contemplating how he was going to explain away his complete debockel....well here it is...(what a duche bag)

"The world-wide alert of May 25, 2006 was a complete success. On May 25th the U.S. temporarily abandoned their policy of pre-emptive nuclear war, which had been the root cause of the alert. A deadly war with atomic weapons was avoided, or rather, adjourned. This is why, although giant record-sized waves appeared, the mega-tsunami did not occur.This date of May 25th called upon us to save lives and we courageously managed to do so thanks to each and everyone's doing. That date will thus remain a symbol of our collective consciousness having refused to accept fatality. However, the information war regarding the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth, and of our interaction with them, is only beginning. We must not let down our guard. The danger of a planet-wide "natural" catastrophe, in reaction to the threat which human nuclear weapons pose to the extraterrestrials, remains ongoing. This site invites you to prepare for this catastrophe, all while participating in the fight for truth, a fight which remains the only way to avoid the imminent catastrophe. Thanks for your tremendous participation!" - eric julien

so as you can see...he is a complete fraud and totally full of ****.


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